Narconon, Scientology’s Secret Weapon

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Scientology has been bombarded by criticisms and controversy through the years, and while its usefulness to the society is open for debate, perhaps we should tackle the purported involvement of Narconon to the religious organization.

Narconon is a long-standing program aimed at helping substance abusers. It has already built numerous headquarters all over the world, most primarily in the United States of America and in some parts of Western Europe. Even its members don’t particularly reveal themselves to be affiliated with the Church of Scientology. However, subsequent reports from countless civilians who have received treatment from them have managed to support the theory that Narconon is a direct subsidiary of the Church of Scientology.

Is there factual basis to these reports? Or is it just a classic example of hysteria brought about by the striking resemblance of Narconon’s methods to Scientology’s own?

For one thing, there are countless sources linking Narconon to Scientology. These sources are very well documented that you can easily paint a picture that leaves no doubt to the fact that Narconon is a tool that Scientology uses to recruit more members to their religious organization.

This is clearly a case of sublimation on the part of the Church of Scientology. Knowing that their bad reputation can make the recruitment of people to their fold more difficult, the practitioners of Scientology used Narconon as a front, banking on its seemingly more scientific leanings. The application of Narconon at the first instance might give the impression that it’s a legitimate science, but reports suggest that this is plain hogwash. Many that were treated by Narconon have claimed that they, indirectly and indirectly, were recipients of underhanded tactics to join the Church of Scientology.

Narconon uses its affiliates to infiltrate schools, governmental programs and other medical institutions. These affiliates even provide a lot of free seminars, books, and other benefits as a means of persuasion. People who are down on luck when it comes to money will of course easily flock to any types of freebies. This is true for America and many other countries in the world. It is in this manner that Narconon and/or the Church of Scientology has spread its influence. Up to this day, this method is still being employed and still continues to indoctrinate most people who don’t know any better.

My own personal take on this is, you can deal your cards right if you’ve got nothing to hide. In addition, Narconon has been subjected to countless state violations not just in the United States, but also in Russia and Western Europe. It is also important to point out that Narconon is not backed by any legitimate scientific or medical organization. And the success rate of their treatment is at a very low 8%, in contrast to the 80% claimed by its own practitioners.

It is a great relief that Narconon is now being exposed as a mere front by the controversial religion that is Scientology. The web is already teeming with hard proof that the two organizations are linked. Narconon even resorted to desperate measures to extricate itself from the overwhelming accusations, but fortunately, to no avail.