Neck And Face Are One In Aesthetics

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Neck liposuction is akin to face lifting. Face lifting can never be effected without having to do with the touch of the neck afterwards. Women as early as 30, 45 to60 years old submit to facelift or neck liposuction. It’s never advisable if these surgeries are done in earlier age. Each time the skin in this portion of the face or neck are stretched, the skin tissues become thinner irreversibly and can’t thicken again. The skin dermis, the leather skin layer functions why the skin revitalizes and causes skin smoothness.

It has no way to return to the normal state after it is stretch.A candidate should take much caution in selecting an expert dermatologist and liposuction surgeon to conduct the operation.

Not everybody could be a good subject for neck liposuction. The doctor should master exactly the sizes of internal anatomy lying underneath. It will make or do the ultimate success of a flawless cosmetic surgery. The structures that cover up the internals of the neck determine its total external appearance. If the anatomical structures are big, it is not advisable that the fats around are suctioned. It will leave the signs of visible ugly protruding bone or prominent cartilage, as the Adam’s apple, tongue muscle, hyoid bone, and the platysma muscle which during pre-surgery were hidden behind fat deposits.

Here’s the fact ? the sheet-like muscle that extends from the jawbone to the collar lines of the neck called the platysma muscles are firm in younger people. However, for the aged, this develops as resembling the turkey-gobbler that makes a big difference in executing the surgery. Cosmetic surgery is of no avail against the developed turkey-gobbler look of a 55 and 60-year old, where no presence of fat deposits would be suctioned.

In cases there are thick fats settling alongside with the bands of platysma (sheet muscles), and a neck liposuction was performed, the doctor should be competent as to tighten the band of platysma, especially if it can’t respond to self tightening in relation to the liposuction.

It is very hard to determine each of these underlying structures by just a simple quick touch. The doctor maybe deceived as some cartilages as the laryngeal, the tongue muscle and the Adam’s apple are softer though prominent but more tend to neutralize with the feel of fat deposits.

The Hyoid bone protrudes seem like visible if it’s not only hidden underneath the tissues. By this kind of test, pre-surgery feel and touch, one could tell easily if a candidate is a good subject for neck liposuction. The doctor’s uniform- even feel on the structures from underneath the mass of fats will totally determine his discretion to perform the surgery.

There are pros and cons in undergoing the neck liposuction. The best advantage lies not in the expertise of the performing surgeon’s professional skill. It all depends in the selection of a patient with type of structure underneath his neck. There are marginal mandibular nerves that run in different paths around the jaw.

It needs a very accurate and competent surgeon to escape these minute nerves around. To get into a mistake of getting too close to the nerves will cause damage that results to a side effect for the patient to have smile palsy, paralysis, or irregular smiles all thru life. Under a very careful and experienced surgeon, all goes well.