Hours of Operation for Truck Drivers

There have been various changes to the laws pertaining to the hours of service for truck drivers over the years. The most recent changes took place in April of 2007, and they were met with a great deal of controversy. The idea behind these new hours of service is to ensure all truck drivers get […]

Online Dating: Tips for the Chat Room

Online Dating: Tips for the Chat Room Online dating is a great way to meet new people without having to face the bar scene. Chat rooms are one way that you can talk to someone new and exciting so that you can determine if you want to date them in the real world. You can […]

Loving the Ling: A Tribute to the Ugliest Fish in the Sea

The ling or “eelpout” is without a doubt a disgusting, repulsive, annoying, slimy, smelly and unattractive fish in the sea. Despite these negative qualities, it has a delicious lobster-like taste and boasts its own annual festival near Walker, Minnesota. Why? The eelpout may be ugly, but its redeeming qualities far outweigh any appearance deficiencies. Eelpout, […]

Starting Your Business, Advantages and Disadvantages

Owning a business irrespective of its size is hardly an easy task. Many people even believe that either you need to be really rich or you need an inheritance of some value to be able to own and run a business successfully. However the fact remains that if you have a great idea going, then […]

Common Coin Collecting Themes

Coin collecting is a popular hobby that is enjoyed all around the world by individuals of all ages. What many collectors, especially beginners and children, like about coin collecting, is the wide range of options. Although many coin collectors have coin themes that they choose to follow, there are no requirements to do so. Although […]

Downhill Skiing

There was a time when snow was despised by people because it prevented them from easily hunting for food and moving from one place to another. But through time, the affected people learned how to make proper, creative and productive use of snow. Especially for those living in hills and mountainous areas, snow has become […]

All Inclusive Resort in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Tourists who want to really enjoy the Caribbean should not miss Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The place is the best that the Caribbean has to offer and it is famous for its island’s sunny beaches and clear blue waters surrounding the islands. There are a variety of activities you can do in Puerto Vallarta. The choices […]

Improving Mental Performance

The world is full of wise and smart people and many of us often wonder what sets them apart. In reality they are not much different from us, just that they are able display a greater degree of mental performance as compared to their peers. We all want to be intelligent and excel more than […]

Turning Your Golf Hobby into a Job

If you love the idea of playing golf and being paid, there are a few options that you have that are available for you to explore. The chances to actually get paid to enjoy your hobby are always growing and with a bit of creative thinking you can turn it into a very nice source […]

A Stressful Job

It’s an understatement that being a caregiver for an elderly loved one is stressful. And in general, by the time you accept that you are in the role of “primary caregiver”, the need to help your elderly parent is already advanced. So you usually have some “catch up work” to do so you can establish […]

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