Parrot Health Problems

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Parrot Health Problems

There are many species of parrots including conures, macaws, Amazons, cockatoos, lovebirds, African Grays and parakeets. The parrots are found in the hot areas of the world like India, Southeast Asia and West Africa. If you have a pet, you should be always aware of parrot health problems to save him from any disease. Anytime you decide to opt for a parrot, consult a veterinary doctor to find out about the sensitive metabolism of this bird.

Like other birds, the parrots also suffer from various diseases and health problems. Parrot health problems are easily noticeable. Quaker parrots are the strongest parrots, but like other birds, they also face some health problems. The most common parrot health problems that the Quaker pets face are fatty liver disease and feather plucking. If you want to prevent your pet from these problems, provide them perfect diet, proper exercises and make their entertainment at several occasions. It will help your pet to stay healthy and away from these problems.

Some parrots suffer from splay-legged disease. In this disease, the legs of the parrots are attached out to the sides more than they should be. They cannot stand on their own feet, because they are not straight. If your parrot is splay legged and unable to walk, it needs a special treatment and a particularly tailored cage for him. In such conditions, your parrot requires kind care and comfortable home to take rest.

If your pet is suffering from any parrot health problems, it is necessary to protect it from several things including humidity, heat, nutrition, fluids, and level of activity. Apart from that, your pet can get food poisoning as many people suffer from it. The similar safety measures should be used for the parrots as generally people use while preparing their own food. Provide fresh and clean food and fruits to your parrot. Many veterinarians suggest to not to cut up parrot fruits and veggies on the same cutting board where you cut chicken and other meats. Use clean cutting board to cut veggies and fruits for your pet.

You can also use fruit/vegetable cleaner to clean the fruits. It helps to remove pesticide residues and bacteria from fruits and vegetables. If you have, any doubt that a food is bad and it does not smell right, immediately throw it away from your parrot. Because any of the bacteria that pollute foods and cause disease in humans can cause sickness in parrots also. You should wash all the fruits carefully before cutting into them.

Enterobacteriacae is one of the most common parrot health problems. Dirty water can cause bacterial infection to your parrot. In order to prevent your parrot from bacterial diseases provide him fresh and pure water.  Psittacosis is another major disease, which is found in many birds including parrots. This disease can be spread from birds to humans and lead to cough, diarrhea or high fewer.