Personal Safety For Women

With more and more women going to workplaces and even traveling around the world, personal safety has become an issue of great importance for women. The demand today is for safety information that is reliable along with a need to debunk certain widespread myths about what kind of safety measures women should adopt. Here are a few key personal safety ideas for women.

1.    Women should always be taught what their first line of defense should be. Contrary to what most women believe, self-defense does not always start when you kick your attacker or try to block punches. True self-defense starts when you become more aware about your surroundings, sharpen your instincts so that you immediately know when something is wrong and are able to assess what your attacker’s strategies are likely to be. In most criminal attacks, the main strategy of the attacker is to take his or her victim by surprise. They choose targets that seem busy or unaware of what is going on around them. By being aware of the surroundings and projecting an aura of confidence, you can avoid being made the victim of a sudden attack.

2.    Always trust your instincts. All of us are born with strong instincts for self-preservation but do not always learn to trust them. If your gut feeling is telling you that something is not right, trust it so that you can immediately fetch help for yourself.

3.    There are certainly some advantages to having some kind of self-defense training. However, many martial arts classes teach women some watered-down versions of the true martial art techniques. These not only prove complex and difficult to master but also are unrealistic to use when under actual attack. If you would like to truly learn martial arts techniques, do so by committing to it for a long-term

If all you are looking for is some self-defense techniques, you are better off joining classes that provide self-defense training for women. You will learn how to deal with assaults by taking part in simulated attacks and you will be able to practice whatever you have learned in a real-life scenario.

4.    Despite taking all safety precautions and making every attempt to ensure your personal safety, you might one day be subject to a potentially violent situation. You might be suddenly confronted by an attacker who insists that you go with the attacker. Never leave the spot but quickly look around for options. If you have a personal alarm on you, try using it – open the pepper spray or blow on your whistle. If there is nothing on hand, just yell loudly, run away or throw a rock through a car window. Do whatever you can to throw the attacker off guard and attract attention. If all the criminal wants are your belongings, throw them all in one direction while you make your escape in another.

5.    While driving, make sure all your doors and windows are locked. Statistics reveal that most car-jackings take place when the car stops at an intersection or for a traffic light. Pay careful attention to the surroundings around you as you approach a traffic light or intersection.