Personalized Gifts: Religious Themes

Personalized Gifts: Religious Themes

Have you ever been invited to a christening, first communion or confirmation and have had no idea of what makes a suitable gift? This could be a close friend or work colleague’s children, and you want to mark the occasion perfectly. However, if you’re not an overly religious person yourself, you may not be aware of what is suitable and what is not. Ever considered giving a set of rosary beads with the person’s name on it?

Rosary beads make great gifts on occasions such as this. It is fine if the person has more than one set, and you can have their name added to give them that extra special touch. Giving a set of personalized rosary beads shows the family that you have considered their religous beliefs, and the person that you have thought of them.

Rosary beads do come in different styles and colors. If it is a child’s first communion, a small rosary with either black or white beads is appropriate. Adding the child’s name and date of the event is a very nice touch. A lovely, black onyx rosary with small beads for little hands is again, perfect for young boys and girls. The gift will hopefully encourage them to say their daily prayers throughout their life. This style of rosary is also found in white, sometimes thought for girls or for those that prefer a lighter color.

For older children or young adults, a confirmation rosary is a great gift. Being confirmed into the catholic faith is no small accomplishment. This will show your admiration for their achievement. With the name and date, the young person will know that you thought of them specifically. A personalized rosary will mark the occasion and help this young person remember this day for the rest of their lives.

Personalized rosaries are great for communions, conformations, birthdays and other special religious holidays. They are the perfect items to mark the day and show the person that you thought of them. It is also a nice gesture towards the family who may share different religious views to your own.

The next time you are invited to a communion or other religious occasion in the catholic faith; don’t panic about purchasing a gift. A personalized rosary is simple, tasteful and the perfect item to bring.