Pet Care For Turtles

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Being one of the oldest known species on this earth, turtles have been known to exist for at least 215 million years. While other species of animals and birds have changed the way they lived which lead to the birth of entirely new species with different characteristics, blame it on the long life of a turtle or their almost static life; turtles have gone through virtually no change at all. This amazing resistance to change through ages adds a sense of nobility to the turtle which is why a turtle holds great fascination for many people.

While they are a unique species, turtles have registered a huge popularity as pets among masses. Regarded as cute pets with hard, colorful shells that are an object of fascination for kids, turtles are a favorite among families who need their children to bond with animals but cannot afford the luxury of having a dog or a cat at their home. Gaining huge popularity in pet shops, Russian Tortoises and red-eared sliders are some of the most searched species of turtle for pet lovers. One of the recent additions to the elite list of pet tortoises is the Spur-thighed turtles that are known for their unique legs.

Even though you may be itching to get your hands on a turtle of your choice from the nearest pet shop, you should take extreme care not to take this decision in a hurry or you may risk the life of your pet. A turtle can be an ultimate partner through good as well as bad times but you should do some research on the friend you are about to bring home. Take some time out from your schedule to learn about turtles and their living habits. Invest in some books and reading material which would defiantly help you understand the pet you are about to bring home. Internet is also a good source to gather quick and efficient information about turtles. There are many different species of turtles that are popular as pets, while researching about turtles, it is a good idea to also know something about the species of turtle you are about to bring home!

After carefully deciding about getting yourself a pet, you would definitely need a place for your pet to stay. While one can have many options for the living area of a dog or even a cat, pets like turtles would need you to create a water tank to stay. You can choose a water tank that holds a minimum of about 30-50 gallons of water but make sure that the tank has enough room to hold the turtle for the next 3-4 years. As turtles can grow really big in size, the small turtle that you bring home will no longer remain the same after a year or two and would definitely require you to buy a bigger tank.
Young turtles are extremely delicate and require proper care from their owners; you should check that the water in which your turtle is remains fresh and dirt free. The turtle should also have a well lit place near the tank where the turtle can bask.