Positive Attitude: Choosing Actively To Be Positive

Positive Attitude: Choosing Actively To Be Positive

According to some studies and interest groups, a positive attitude can add longevity and years to your life and health! Well, almost. Positive attitude delays ageing is a headline that most will recognize from some BBC reports back in 2004, that more recently surfaced again due to the focus that publications like The Secret and features, inserts on Oprah and some of the other talk-shows regarding thinking your way through life, claiming, positive affirmations and using the laws of attraction to bring you good fortune and happiness, fulfillment and all-round better quality of life has been toted and advocated, yet again, trendy and the newest fad once more. But, it is no secret that thinking and feeling positive, having an optimistic outlook and seeing the good and positive in things, life, people, even hardships can make a difference.

Imagine being able  to suppress all negative thoughts, self-talk, critique and still those inner voices for just a minute, claim positive attitudes and will make you feel, look and do better, promoting more and  effective functioning, success, results and so much more in and throughout your day, life, future? Who would not want to embrace being in control and able to influence that much of your destiny and well-being.

We all age and progress through life, having positive attitudes about getting older, might just help you cope better with the challenges, physically and mentally of getting on in your years. With the boomer generation getting ready to retire, there are many interested in at least methods or techniques that promises to delay the ageing process.

Upbeat, being less pessimistic, whining and dark, can have wonderful psychosocial effects, affecting even our physical health  and well-being. Our thoughts, beliefs, self-talk, actions can all contribute to how quickly we age, look and approach life. Experiencing positive emotion and attitudes can have a great impact on the connection between mind and body . An initial study looked at the effects of things like the onset of frailty in the aging population, as measured and indicated by things like weight loss, exhaustion, walking speed and grip strength.

If you are happier, you might live longer! How often do we hear and jeer at statements of common wisdom like this. We dismiss too easily the ramifications it might have in actually holding some iota of truth! There is now researched proof that happy, positive attitudes, will-full and deliberate choice, intervention and adjusting, trading in negative thoughts for more positive type reflection, can actually  alter the chemical balance of the body and in the brain. Success in life is no longer up to random chance. These positive, more optimistic thought patterns, actions and lifestyles, eventually almost ‘reprogram; us for success and will affect physical functioning health and wellbeing, boost immunity and help us keeping in touch and reaching out. Many argue that is what is behind so many elderly logging on, communicating, staying in touch, being the key driving force behind many of the social support networks initiatives around the globe and online communities, collaboration efforts etc.