Private Investigation Techniques

In television shows or through other media, you might have heard of private investigators who play a vital role in jobs that are filled with risky tasks. They are the people who bring out the truth behind a situation or a person. You can yourself be a private investigator provided you know about the various investigation techniques. In this article, you will get to learn about different techniques used in private investigation.

The first and the foremost technique that one must use for a successful investigation is a good and thorough preparation. No matter, whether you wish to investigate a person through phone, fax or in person, a good preparation is a must. A good and successful private investigator must prepare himself or herself about getting all the required information about a person like:

  • Likes/ Dislikes
  • Educational Qualification
  • Occupation
  • Leisure Activities
  • Interests
  • Relationships
  • Clubs


Another important investigation technique used for getting success is the proper use of knowledge. It is rightly said that knowledge is king and this holds true in private investigation. No matter on whatsoever and whosoever you are investigating, try to collect all the trivial as well as important facts about the person or thing. Remember, that once you have a proper knowledge or details of every thing, you will feel confident in interviewing the person and will also be better equipped to handle and observe his or her defensive posture.

Personal Appearance

The third most important technique used in private investigation is the stress of personal appearance. Make sure that you groom yourself and dress up according to the role you intend to play in the investigation. Take for instance, if you want people to think that you are a businessman, then wear formal clothes and pay attention to your manners or dressing, demeanor and speech.


Lastly, do not forget applying the correct interviewing technique without which almost no investigation can be over. Interviewing in investigation can be done either in person, or by phone or by a network of contacts.

  • Phone Interviewing Techniques: Phone interviewing technique has its own advantages and disadvantages in private investigation. The advantage is that the person you interview won’t be able to see your nervousness and the disadvantage is that you too won’t be able to see his or her nervousness in answering your questions. The best way to achieve results in phone interviewing is to observe the voice tone.
  • Interviewing In Person: The most successful interviewing technique in private investigation is interviewing in person. This is the only way you can observe and make eye contact with the suspect to see how he or she reacts on certain questions. The suspect can hardly escape telling lies in interviewing in person technique.
  • Interviewing By A Network Of Contacts: This is in fact an investigation that is done by the investigator not with the person suspected but by people connected to that person. Investigators check a record of databases to see how the suspect is connected to different people and then he or she interviews them.