Professional Wrestling Arenas

Professional Wrestling Arenas

Professional wrestling, which is an ancient form of entertainment, has gained tremendous popularity throughout the world. Today, several people are receiving training to develop their skills to become a professional wrestler. Women are also not behind in this field and women’s wrestling tournaments are also as popular as the men’s event. If you are new to the wrestling world, you may be interested in knowing more about the types, moves, rules, wins of professional wrestling and about professional wrestling arenas. 

There are two types of professional wrestling such as freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling. Face, heel, finishing move or finisher, roster, foreign object, card and turnbuckle are the basic terms used in professional wrestling. In Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling, matches are conducted according to the age groups and weight classes. The rules of professional wrestling can be changed frequently and discarded. They may be made up on the spot as well as broken any time. Most wrestling matches are held with the time limit of about 20 minutes. The international wrestling match consists of three periods and a wrestler who succeeds in winning two or more periods is the winner of the match. A wrestler can win the match in four situations such as,

* Win by technical fall,
* Win by fall,
* Win by injury and
* Win by judge’s decision.
Scoring is based on takedowns, reversals, escapes, lifting and exposure.

This is all about the professional wrestling and its rules. Now you will like to know more about professional wrestling arenas. Arena is a specially developed place where a crowd of thousands, witnesses exciting drama of wins and losses in the wrestling matches. The professional wrestling matches at international levels or in the Olympic Games are administered by FILA (Federation Internationale des Luttes Associees/International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles).

As wrestling has become very popular all over the world, there are numerous huge professional wrestling arenas in almost all countries. They are provided with all modern facilities such as,

* Accessibility
* Spacious parking area
* Seating arrangements
* Assisted listening devices
* ATM machines for the convenience of fans. In most professional wrestling arenas, credit cards like Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted.
* Facility of baby changing stations available in most public restrooms
* Most arenas are well equipped with facilities like elevators, emergency evacuation, escalators, first aid and food and beverages.

You are allowed to carry only small personal bags such as baby bags, diaper bags, purses etc inside the arena. Banners and signs are allowed inside the arena if they are in good taste. Signs should not be commercial in nature and should not utilize metal, wood or other types of objects for support. The viewers can carry binoculars for most events. At the gate of arena, there is a box office that displays the event times. Doors are opened one hour before the start of event. Use of cellular phones and cameras is permitted in some arenas.

Some of the most popular professional wrestling arenas are Mobile Civic Center, Staples Center, Mellon Arena, Erie Civic Center, American Airlines Arena, Madison Square Garden, HSBC Arena, Pontiac SilverDome, The Georgia Dome, Air Canada Centre, The Scope, Sporthalle, Olympiahalle, HallamFM Arena, Tokyo Dome, FilaForum, etc.