Ragdolls And The Types Of Food Needed

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Ragdolls And The Types Of Food Needed

At present, there are many types of cat food available in the market. But cats have specific dietary requirements at different times of their life and you have to give them food accordingly. Cat food can be roughly divided into three types – moist, dry and semi moist. In general, kittens require breast milk and moist food while grown up cats need dry food with lots of protein.   

One of the most important things that you need to keep in mind is that for the first four to five weeks your ragdoll kitten needs to have just breast milk. Cat milk gives them all the necessary nutrients that they need. The mother, in fact, transfers the defensive antibodies for fighting diseases through the breast milk itself.      

The first four to five weeks is a very crucial period for the kitten because that is the time when they need all the nutrients for a perfect growth. The food must be rich in nutrients but at the same time must be easy to digest. Try to make a loose paste of canned kitten food with warm water or kitten replacement milk. Never make the mistake of using cow’s milk as that is too heavy for the kitten and can even result in sever digestive disorders.   

Another important phase in the food habits of the kitten comes during the transition period, that is, when your beloved kitten moves from moist food to dry food. To help your kitten get used to the dry food, try moistening the food with a bit of warm water in the beginning and then gradually do away with the warm water. Opt for good quality food brands like Iams®, Science Diet®, and Nutro Kitten®. Science Diet Feline Growth® for your Ragdoll kittens. Give your kitten two supplements – in the morning and in the evening. 

Choosing and preparing kitten food

Your kitten can be given adult food when it is around twelve months old. But when it comes to the ragdoll cats, extra care needs to be taken of their diets. Whenever you serve food to your pet, ensure that it is slightly warm. Never give your ragdoll kitten food that has been left in the open for about thirty minutes. Food left over is conducive to the growth of bacteria that can upset your kitten’s digestive system and even lead to food poisoning.

One of the most horrible insects that can harm your kitten by contaminating its food is the fly. Thus, wash your kitten’s water and food bowl before and after every meal.

Although you can pamper your Ragdoll cat once in a while by giving it your food but do not make it a habit. Human food does not fulfill the nutritional requirement of your pet and you must remember that. Give your pet high quality food that will give it all round nutrition and keep it fit. Serve water in a glass bowl because cats do not approve of the smell of metal or plastic bowls.