Roles Family Watch Dogs Perform

Having a watch dog in the family is a common trend that has been enduring since years. Keeping a dog at your home is an important decision, so it becomes your outmost duty to make sure that you are ready to make a dog a part of your family. There is a huge variety of watchdogs available to choose from which includes small dogs, big dogs, aggressive dogs, hunting dogs etc. So, while you have finalized your decision of getting a watchdog to your home, take another decision that what role you want the watchdog to play in your home. There are watchdogs that are quite friendly with the family and love children while there are other dogs who do not like children at all.

Watchdogs are engaged in performing several tasks that are difficult for humans to perform. These dogs are trained to perform certain roles as well as responsibilities like taking care and protecting a family or a property, guarding flocks and herds from intruders, guiding people who are physically disabled and even catch criminals and other fault makers. There is a lot more that watch dogs can achieve for you if they are trained properly. Let’s take a detailed look at various roles in which watchdogs can be utilized.

One of the prominent roles that watchdogs are often utilized involves using them as rescue dogs. These dogs are trained to help the people who are stuck in some unfortunate situations like those who met a boat accident and are still in water. These dogs can rescue people from difficult situations with great degree of success.

Another role based classification of watchdogs involves categorizing them as Herding dogs. The herding dogs are trained to guard the flocks and herd them from any dangerous attacks or any harmful intruder.

If you are passionate about hunting or tracking, then the Hunting dogs are the ideal pet option for you. These dogs assist you in tracking and finding games. In many situations, they often fight with the wild animals like bears, lions, tigers etc. Again many watchdogs’ breeds can be trained to become hunting dogs.

For the army personals, a War dog is a perfect choice. They perform a role, which is quite similar to that of a civilian watchdog dog, but they are geared towards the military sake.

For detecting threats, a watchdog can be trained to take up the role preemptive detection. These dogs assist you in finding traces of bombs, or even termites in your home. These dogs also help you to detect chemicals or other harmful substances in luggage and other objects or areas.

Most watchdog breeds are quite amicable to training and they can learn to take up new roles. For example the Doberman can act as a typical family watchdog, can be trained as efficient police dog and is considered as the favorite war dog of US marines. So in essence a watchdog can take up different roles as per the need of its owner and this versatility makes them a favorite in many households.