Selecting Cages For Guinea Pigs

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Selecting Cages For Guinea Pigs

You must have been wondering about finding the suitable cage for your little guinea pig where he can play around and not feel like being caged. Before you move out in search of a perfect adobe for your cute little companion there are few basic points that you ought to bear in mind before you buy or make a cage for the guinea pig.

* To begin with the cage should not look like a cage to him, but a small protected home. Again bear in mind that a cage is just not the design of wire that make a three dimensional figure but much more than that and needs t be accessorized. Earlier designs are now outdated as they did not give much thought about the comfort of guinea pig. There are certain criteria to decide upon the size of the cage where your guinea pig will live. The size of the cage is dependent upon the number of the guinea pigs you have. If you are the owner of a single guinea pig then you ideally need 7.5 sq feet cage and if you have a pair then this number should come around to 10.5 sq feet. The idea behind these bigger cages for the guinea pigs comes from the desire to provide them the extra space so that they grow well. The cage bar should be at least 5 cms apart from each other.

* Guinea pigs are self contained animal in nature. Whatever you provide them, they just live up on that. Even in the case of the cage they would accept that silently. But our goal is to make it interesting and safe at the same time. So you should avoid any wire related item or sharp object inside the cage which might prove fatal to guinea pig. Wire flooring and wire ramps are strict no – no in the cage. Instead add wooden ramps and few colorful plastic objects that take care of the fun part in the cage. Add few shelves in the cage as they make it look alike the room. Add a hay heap which he will chew and enjoy a lot, a ceramic bowl and few toys to keep guinea pigs busy playing all sort of game. Also do remember to keep the water supply full as guinea pigs drink a lot of water and also splash a lot while drinking it.

* The cage should not be too high since guinea pigs are small in size. Chances are less that guinea pig would climb up the wall. The upper portion can be left open so that cool and fresh air passes through the cage. This will add cleanliness to the cage. Avoid wheel exercise ring or some sort of heavy duty exercise object. Guinea pigs are gentle and delicate and tough exercise can become the cause of the injury. Device new methods to give him light exercises.

* Provide bedding made up of hay covered up with recycled paper to make the night of your guinea pigs comfortable.

Most these details are based upon the detailed study of pattern and behavior of the guinea pigs and keeping them in mind will allow you to get a nice warm place for your little friend.