Self-Hosted Blogs

Have you recently seen the blog of your best friend and are itching to have a blog of your own? After deciding to start a blog of your own, you would need to find the topic/genre or the niche of your blog. Bloggers do have general blogs that cover everything from politics to sports and weird happenings but maintaining these blogs is a tough job; if you are a beginner at blogging, it is advised that you choose yourself a niche and work within it. Otherwise what may happen is this: many people have blogs but fail to define the niche of their blogs and as a result are not able to generate enough fans or regular visitors that read their blogs regularly.

After selecting the niche your blog will work with, you should go on with setting up your blog. For the task of setting up your blog, you can choose wither free blogging option or the self hosted blogging option. In the free blogging option, bloggers get the ability to get registered on a free blogging platform and start with their free blog. If you have your own domain, you can opt for a self hosted solution that would create a perfect tool for any blog that can be monetized. Even though using free blog sites seems to be a good choice, professional bloggers can swear by the effectiveness of a self hosted blog.

Quick and easy to setup, users using free blog sites allow a user to publish his content as quickly as possible on the web. While a free hosted blog site provides blogging beginners with various tools and facilities to start a great looking blog, these options are almost always complemented with restricted control and administrative facilities on the blog.

Some of the features that are provided by a self hosted blog are:

Control – Providing more control over the various tasks of blog administration, self hosted blogs are not only useful but also provide the ability to change the look and feel of a blog from head to toe. Users can easily change a blog and have customized logo, add desired layout and create custom appearance for their blog.

Credibility – Unlike free blog sites, self hosted blogs are useful as they impart a feel of being credible. Self hosted blogs show that a blog provides definite information and is going to stay for a long time.

Security – Self hosted blogs are known to provide customized security settings to their users. As users are allowed to set information according to the security settings of their server, self hosted blogs are also more secure and safer to store information than their free counterparts.

Easier domain name – Free blog sites provide their users with sub domain only but for hosting self hosted blogs, users are required to buy domain names. These domain names are often selected by a user and thus are easier to remember for any other user who visits the blog.

Content – Unlike publishing content that is allowed by a free blogging platform, self hosting blogs can be used to publish any kind of content a user requires.