Signs Of Male Infertility

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Signs Of Male Infertility 

It is a general agreement among the specialists that a year, in the minimum, of sexual intercourse carried out without any protective measure will lead to conception. However, if pregnancy does not occur, then either of the partners might be infertile. Here is a list of indications and signals that you can check in case you want to find out if you are the one suffering from infertility and not your wife. 

Shocking Indications of Male Infertility 
Look into the symptoms and if they linger you should definitely check with your doctor

Indication #1 Bodily Alterations in Testes  

In case you have seen some sudden alteration in the corporeal structure of your testes, then this could be a case of infertility. You could possible be suffering from epididymitis if your testes are inflated. In epididymitis, the epididymis, i.e. the tube linking the vas deferens to the testis, enlarges. Thus, in epididymitis, the sperm cells have difficulty in moving out of their store place and reaching the female uterus to fertilize the ovum.

Cryptorchidism is another disorder where the testes do not move down or descend. This can also result in infertility.  

Indication #2 Troubles faced due to or after Vasectomy and Reversals 
Reversals, sometimes, have led to infertility problems. Thus in case you have had a vasectomy or a reversal done previously and you still feel uncomfortable, then quickly check with the doctor. 

Indication #3 Mumps leading to infertility

If you have had mumps in your childhood , that could be a possible reason why you and your wife are facing difficulties being parents. Mumps is not a sexually transmitted disease or STD but it can have an impact on the testicles, thus leading to infertility.

Indication#4 Impacts of STD

Sexually transmitted diseases also lead to fertility problems in men. For example, chlamydia, infects women only but the infection affect men through sexual transmission. The infection rarely causes problems, but the usual problems are infertility or sterility. 

Indication #5 Impacts of UTI 
Urinary Tract Infection is generally considered to be insignificant and singular. However, UTI can lead to more serious issues and difficulties- the occurrence of UTI can mean the possibility of more serious illness that might result in infertility.

Indication #6 Bad Habits and Addictions

In case you have been addicted to drugs or if you are a heavy smoker or if you drink regularly, then these might be a possible explanation to your fertility problems.  

It is always advisable to talk to a doctor if you and your wife are unable to conceive. At times the indications are improper and it is impossible to understand whether you are actually infertile or not. Hence go to a doctor and undergo proper inspection.