Silver Salmon Fishing

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While fishing is a favourite past time for many, it is not uncommon to find fishing enthusiasts who would go at great lengths to get their favourite catch. While there are exotic fishes that get more attention from fishing enthusiasts, mainstream fishes still rule the world of game fishing. Consisting of some of the most popular species like Tarpon, Tuna, Wahoo and Marlin they have been the all time favourites of fishing enthusiasts.

While the top spot is still held by fishes of the high seas, freshwater fishing veterans swear by the classic brass fishing. Already a thriving industry, brass fishing industry has successfully being able to morph itself into a multi-billion dollar unit. Involving various new and prominent anglers, the Annual Brass Master Classic Tournament is an institution that stands at the epicentre of all the excitement in brass fishing.

After high sea fishing, the next probable contender is salmon fishing. Tricky to bait and catch, salmon fishing is considered by many as more exciting and rewarding then other forms of fishing. Salmon fishing throws a challenge as salmon run as soon as the slightest sign of unnatural flinch in the bait is noticed. Very reluctant to bite to the bait, a salmon will test your patience till the very end but the end result pays you handsomely. Also known as silver salmon, one of the most famous salmon game species present today is also the hardest to catch.

Following migratory patterns like that of migratory birds, silver salmon is an anadromous fish that travels far and wide in search of its habitat and returns to its place of birth. Just like every other salmon fish, silver salmon too are called ‘runs’ once they return to their place of birth. While they do spend some time at the place they were born, they migrate to the ocean once they mature and grow to an average 30-40 inches in length. Weighting on an average about 10-36 pounds, a silver salmon fish is also known to feed madly by gobbling everything that can fit in their mouth. Known to be the fastest growing salmon species, bad eating habits of silver salmon are the main reason responsible for its big size.

Also famous for its tough fight back, silver salmon can weaken an angler and let itself free by breaking the tackles from anglers. Not only is catching a silver salmon a rewarding prize, it is a delectable treat too. While salmon is more or less a delicious treat, the wild silver salmon is considered to be a delicacy. A staple fare of several North American residents, silver salmon is found in shallow water and can be caught by anglers from banks and small boats.

Because of their high resistance, silver salmon is probably not the best option for a fishing beginner. If you do want to test your luck at silver salmon fishing, it is advised that you try other techniques of catching fishing like trolling. Exciting and fun, silver salmon fishing can be a story to tell if you take a camera along.