Small Business Owners: Interview Questions That You Should Ask Your Applicants

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Are you a small business owner? If you are, how is your business currently going? When first starting a small business, there are many small business owners who decide to start out small. This often involves being the only employee or just hiring family members. Limiting the number of employees that you start off with is a great way to limit your business expenses, but there may come a time when you need to hire additional help. If and when that time comes, do you know what you should do? If not, you will want to continue reading on.

Whether you run an online store, a storefront retail store, or an office-like business, you will need all job applicants to either submit their resumes or fill out a job application. In all honesty, it might be easier to have them do both. You can easily make your own job applications or you can purchase standard job applications from many office supplies stores, either on or offline. Once you have a collection of resumes and job applications, you may then want to think about going through those papers to find applicants that you would like to schedule a job interview with.

When it comes to finding the perfect employee or employees for your small business, the interview process plays an important role. It is during an interview where you are able to learn as much as you can about a job applicant, particularly if he or she is right for you and your small business. The best way that is this is done is by asking the right questions. Just a few of the many that questions that you will want to think about asking your job applicants are outlined below.

As a small business owner, you already know that you need to compete with larger businesses, ones that may have more money and resources than you do. The way that you can do this is with good customer service. Although it is important that you know this, your employees need to know this as well. You will want to ask your applicants if they know the difference between a large business and a small business, as well as what sets a small business apart from a large one. Also, ask them if they know why some customers prefer doing business with small businesses, like yours. If you cannot get the answers that you were looking for, it may be best to move on to the next applicant right away.

Since customer service is what often sets small businesses, like yours, apart from large corporations, you need to make sure that you hire employees who have good customer service skills. During a job interview, you will want to ask all of your applicants about their people skills. Do they think that they have good people skills? Do they find it easy to strike up conversations with customers or those who they don’t personally know? You will want to hire an employee or employees who are easily able to communicate with customers, on a wide variety of different topics, including business topics and silly topics like the weather.

To ensure that you are getting an honest answer from your applicants, particularly concerning their customer service skills, you may want to think about testing the waters a little bit. For instance, if you run a retail store, ask your job applicants what they would stay to a customer after they checked them out. If you get a response like “I don’t know,” the applicant you are interviewing may not be the perfect match for you and your business. As you already know, the perfect response would be “Thank you for your business and have a nice day.”

The above mentioned questions are just a few of the many that you may want to ask any job applicants that you bring in for an interview. After the first couple of interviews, interviewing potential candidates will come to you naturally, as if it were like a walk in the park.