Some Tasty Choices For Quick and Healthy Snacks

In case you think that the only benefit of eating healthy snacks is that they are healthy then think again! Apart from being healthy, such snacks have many other health benefits. They are bit cheaper to prepare as compared to oily fried snacks. Moreover, they don’t make you feel lazy and sluggish and keep you healthy and active. Read on to know about some tasty and healthy snacks.
Popped Popcorn: Considered as the best movie time snack, popped popcorns are not only good in taste but are healthy too. This easy to make snack item is rich in fiber and is light too. To add more taste, people mix them with salt and butter. The only thing to keep in mind while relying on this food as a healthy snack is that you pick the variety that are not rich in fats, as there are different varieties of popping popcorn available in the market. Try to eat low fat popcorns instead of high fat ones.

Protein Bars: Those looking for a good intake of proteins, can try out the protein bars. Rich in proteins, as the name suggests, such bars are particularly liked by people, who workout in gyms. These bars taste good and are available in different flavors. Protein bars containing less sugar and more proteins are considered as the best protein bars. The best thing about protein bars is that to consume them, you need not cook them, you just have to pick them and eat them to enjoy the delicious flavor.

Boiled Eggs: Not just now, but since ages ago, people have been eating boiled eggs as healthy snacks. Easy to prepare, boiled eggs are assumed to have just about 75 calories and tend to provide a person with a number of minerals and proteins. Boiled eggs are also rich in Vitamin A, which is good for growth and skin, therefore kids are advised to eat boiled eggs for a good growth. Apart from this, boiled eggs are rich in calcium, iron and iodine.

Broccoli Florets: Though not liked by all, broccoli has its own importance when it comes to eat tasty and healthy snacks. This vegetable is rich in Vitamin A, C and K. Apart from these, broccoli has good amount of potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and fiber. When prepared in the form of a snack, broccoli has good amount of Vitamin B6 and E. You can also make them tastier by eating them with dipping sauce.

Orange Slices: Liked by almost all, an orange is a popular fruit worldwide. The best thing about oranges is that they are tasty, sweet, sour as well as full of Vitamin C. All their utility is diminished by the fact that they are only available only in winters, but the wisdom lies in the fact that how we utilize their availability to get the maximum nutrients like Vitamin B1, B2, C and high fiber content.

So, now we assume that you have gotten a fair enough idea of what all you can eat as a tasty and healthy snack.