Spain Travel: Facts For The Traveler

Spain Travel: Facts For The Traveler

Spain has become one of the most visited countries in Western Europe. The beautiful scenery and welcoming nature of the people make it a very desirable location. Spain is very modern but people do sometimes forget that it is a foreign country. They have a different language, culture and history to what we learned. Knowing a few facts about Spain before you book your flight is a good idea. You don’t need to become an expert on the Spanish language but a few bits of knowledge can help you avoid some major headaches.

Many visit Spain in the summer months only to find that many things are closed. Spain has a series of Festivals That begin in Late July and carry on through August. They also manage to throw in a few Saint’s days to extend the weekends. If you travel to Spain in the summer you need to bear this in mind. Banks, Post offices and most public buildings will be closed. You need to have flexible travel and sightseeing plans at this time of year.

The life of a Spanish banker must be paradise. The reason being is that banks are generally open from 9am until 2pm in the afternoon Monday to Friday. They generally do not open after the Siesta time as other businesses do. Many Banks do however open on Saturday from 9-12. If you need money changed in an emergency you could try the hotel you’re staying at.

Spanish museum are laws unto themselves. Many of the main museums in Spain are closed on Mondays and public holidays. Some are open Sunday’s only and closed the rest of the week. You really need to check ahead before planning a trip to a museum. The hours will vary with the travel season.

Taxis are safe and quite reliable in Spain. They can be spotted by alight green roof with a light that is lit when they are available. Make sure they set the meter. You also need to keep in mind that there is a surcharge for journeys to the airport and train stations.

Spain is a great place to visit. However, you should arm yourself with some knowledge of how the country works before you set off. Keep aware of holiday times and business hours. Remember, it may seem strange to us but it is their country.