Spain Travel: Getting Around

Spain Travel: Getting Around

Spain is a great place to visit. It is diverse in almost everyway and really needs significant time to experience the country properly. Spain varies from region to region so the more of it you can see the better. Fortunately, Traveling within Spain is quite easy. It has a wonderful system of flights trains and busses that are comfortable and reasonably priced. They can get you where you want to go quickly and safely.

When you travel to Spain, most visitors will likely fly into Madrid. However, there are now several direct flights to many other Spanish cities. Madrid is convenient because it is in the center of the country. Many recommend staying in Madrid for a few days and then setting off o other places. Flights out of Madrid are quick and fast. There are regular flights to every major and medium sized Spanish city. You simply need to pick where you want to go and fly away. Flights to Seville, Barcelona and bilboa all average about 50 minutes. Flights to Valencia average about 30. The Canary Islands take about 2 ½ hours and Mallorca about 1 hour.

Many choose to travel by rail when they see Spain. There are good and bad points to this. The good is that Spanish trains are very comfortable and they allow you to see the sites. The bad is that the rail system in Spain is the most expensive in Europe. To try to beat the cost you can try the youth card or Eurail passes. Renfe also offers special off peak deals that can result in up to 50% savings. However, knowing when these are on and off can be somewhat tricky. Despite the cost, Spanish rail can be one of the best ways to see the country.

Finally, many decide to take to the roads. Spain has an excellent highway system but it does involve paying a toll. The toll is based on the type of car and how much damage it is likely to do to the road and the environment. Rent the most economical car you can because tolls can really start to add up.

Spain is a wonderful place to visit. One really must get out and about to see the country properly. Each region of Spain has its own treats so give yourself plenty of time. Spain’s transport network is excellent and can get you around the country quickly and safely.