Spain Travel: Planning For Emergencies

Spain Travel: Planning For Emergencies

None of us wants to think about emergencies while we are on our vacations. However, the truth of the matter is that an accident can happen anytime. You could become ill, slip and fall or be the victim of a crime. Spain is a safe country but these things can happen to us anywhere.

Spain is very modern and has an excellent system of emergency services. They are equal to that of any other Western country. They key is knowing who to call for help. Spain has a system of emergency numbers just like any other country. They are toll free from any phone. For emergency services you simply dial 112 and for ambulance you dial 061. If you do not speak Spanish they may have someone who can help.

For crimes there are a few numbers that you can contact. For serious trouble you can call the police on 091. This will put you through to the national police. In larger towns and cities you can dial 092, this will put you in touch with the municipal police. Finally in smaller towns you can dial 062. This will put you in contact with the local Guardia civil.

The police in Spain are very competent and very helpful. You will need o make a report with then and file a claim for any stolen goods. You should also cancel any traveler’s checks and credit cards immediately. If your passport is stolen make a report with the police but it is vitally important that you contact your local embassy or consulate.

Some of us have to deal with other travel problems when it comes to Spain. These involve overbooked flights, lost luggage and flight cancellation. Spain is part of the EU which means that you are covered under the EU traveler’s rights code. This applies to you even if you are not an EU citizen yourself. The traveler’s code will tell you everything you need to know about compensations and passenger rights. However, you should always purchase travel insurance as a back up. This comes in handy should you have to purchase an extra night in a hotel. You can get your money back much faster.

Spain is very safe. However, even in the safest of circumstances we can always get into trouble. Should this happen, Spain has an excellent system of emergency services there to help you. If you have problems with the airline or flight, then you can always fall back of the EU traveler’s rights code.