Speeding Up Liposuction Recovery

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Liposuction is not an ordinary procedure where several hours after the procedure you can be up and about ready for work. It takes sometimes before your body can fully recover and before the wounds from the surgery completely heal.

Have someone with you

It is important that you have a companion with you to help you out while you are recovering. Do not attempt to drive yourself home the day your doctor signed the release papers. Any exertion can cause the wounds to reopen. This will not only increase the risk of bleeding but also of incurring infection.

The usual diet

There is actually no “no-no’s” when it comes to the food that you eat. But of course, it is recommended that you consume lots of fruits. Drink plenty of water and fruit juices to avoid dehydration. Remember that during liposuction a lot of the body fluids that we have will get lost. You should also avoid drinking alcoholic beverages two days after the surgery.

Physical exertion

As mentioned before, rest is the best way to speed up the healing process. It is important that you just stay in bed hours after the surgery to give your body time to heal and to gather strength. Of course, you should not stay in bed all day during the duration of your recovery but neither should you physically exert yourself.

Slow walks and moderate physical activities can help your body heal. Most people can return to their desk jobs two to three days after the procedure but they should be careful not to tire themselves out.

Use of elastic compression garments

Large amounts of blood-tinged anesthetic solution will come out of the body through the small incisions after the surgery. It is recommended that patients wear compression garments to help drain the body these unwanted fluids. The garments also serve as absorbent pads that will help gather the leaks from the liposuction area.
Post-op garments should be removed daily so that people can shower and wash the garments from residual blood and stains. It should be worn all day until night even until the drainage has stopped just to make sure that there will no more residues coming out.

It is better to use it until after you need it than discontinuing its use too early as this could cause prolonged drainage. On the average, patients use the garments for about three to six days depending on the gravity of the liposuction procedure. There are patients in fact who are asked to wear the garments for more than a week. Because of the comfort it provide, some patients use the garments well beyond the time that they have to use them.

Dizziness and fainting

Dizziness is not an uncommon feeling after surgery. This is because your body still has not regained the energy that it had before the surgery. Some people will also feel lightheaded a couple of times a day and may even suffer from fainting spells.

Post-micturation syncope

This is a condition wherein patients experience fainting spells and dizziness immediately after urinating. This is also experienced by women who just given birth. Because of this, it is important that patients have someone with or outside the bathroom door when they urinate. They should also not lock the door so that help can easily get to them just in case something happened.