Suitable Toys for Newborns

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Suitable Toys for Newborns

Finally, you have your baby in your lap and want to entertain him or her with the best toys of the world. However, one thing that is puzzling you is what kinds of toys are suitable for your newborn. So, rest all your worries aside and read on to know what kinds of toys are ideal for baby’s first year.

Few things need to be known before buying toys for the babies in their first year. Reading the following facts, you will get to know how different toys help in building a baby’s cognitive skills, emotional skills, social skills, imaginative skills and creative skills. Following are five points that will guide you in a suitable toy selection for your newborn baby.

* Firstly, one should know that babies begin learning from their surroundings the moment they are out in the world.
* Secondly, their senses are very active and are responsible for laying foundations for their future learning.
* Thirdly, newborn babies are short sighted and can focus only on objects within 10 inches from their eyes.
* Fourthly, babies in their first year are highly stimulated by music.
* Lastly, newborn babies enjoy sensations through touching.

Now, once you know all these facts, you won’t face any difficulty in choosing the suitable toys for your baby’s first year. Market is full of toys that are designed for the newborns keeping all these factors in mind. The most popular and best sellers are the cot toys that are available in a huge variety and in affordable prices.

Ideal Toys for Baby’s First Six Months: The first six months of a baby are the ones in which the baby needs extreme care and affection. Whether a baby girl or baby boy, toys like following are just ideal for the first six months:
* Baby Gym
* Squeaker
* Baby Mirror
* Rattle
* Soft Toys
* Play Mat
* Musical Tapes with Classical Music

Ideal Toys for Baby’s Next Six Months: In the next six months of the baby’s first year, the baby is more active than he or she was in the first six months. So, you can consider giving the baby toys like:
* Activity centers
* Cuddle toys
* Bath toys
* Musical tapes
* Soft blocks
* Pop-up toys
* Push-along toys

Remember, that the first 12 months of a baby are very important, as in these months a baby starts learning and developing different skills. This is the time, when a baby should be given toys that teach him or her in a play way. Generally, babies in their first year love playing with toys that have music, light and soft texture. Since, newborn babies are too sensitive, they should not be given toys that can be hazardous to their health. Always try buying such toys for the newborns that do not have removable components or strings. It’s a good idea to have toys that are entertaining for the babies but safety is above all, so pay attention towards this too while buying a toy for the newborn babies.