Surfing Styles

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Surfing Styles

Water surfing is a great sport that is very popular nations that get excellent tidal waves. It is practiced with lots of enthusiasm in these countries. This sport involves riding on waves while you stand on the surf board. The surfer paddles his or her surfboard from the shore behind the ocean waves. The surfer then paddles back towards the beach. While paddling toward s the beach the surfer tries to catch the waves.
There a number of sports magazines available in the market that will give you correct information about surfing styles. There are plenty of websites that will also help you to get information about different types of surfing styles.

Water surfing can become a risky sport, if the surfer does not know how to swim. The surfer while surfing may loose his or her balance. Hence, if the surfer does not have any knowledge about swimming, the person may even drown or get fatally injured. Hence, it is mandatory to learn swimming, before you start learning water surfing.

Here are some commonly practiced surfing styles:
Body boarding: The length of the board is between 38 and 44 inches. Boards are generally made of foam that has a surlyn and a slick bottom. The hydrodynamic form of the board helps you to easily ride on the waves. In this style of surfing, riders, lie down on their stomach or on one knee. Typically riders wear a fin, which helps them to catch waves. This style of surfing is geared towards radical a manoeuvre that includes backslip, cutbacks, inverts and getting tubed.

Knee boarding: The surf board has a length of 4 feet. This process involves knelling on knees. Maneuvering is a lot easier using this technique. This is the main advantage of this technique over body boarding style of swimming. You feel as if you are riding the tube.

Surfboarding: A longer board is used in this style of surfing. The surf board has a skeg. It is located at the rear of the board. The main purpose of skeg is to stabilize the surf board. The skeg is commonly referred as a stabilizing fin. The long board is around 14 feet long.

Skim Surfing: This style of surfing involves riding the waves that break on the shore. Skim boards available in the market are available in various shapes. Circular and bullet shaped skimboards are very popular. If you go on a beach in United States then you will people mostly using skim boards.

River Boarding: Here the surfing is done on the river and not in the ocean. This style of surfing is possible by using a body board as well as a surfboard.

Body surfing: Here surfing is performed without taking the help of a surfboard. This style of surfing makes use of your body to ride the waves. In this technique your body acts as the surfboard. Your body glides on the water. Although this technique is initially difficult for beginners, with proper practice they can master it.