Surviving the First Week After Lap Band Surgery

The Lapband weight loss system is guaranteed to give you the figure you want along with the best safety measures. Once you embark on this journey to lose weight, the Lapband procedure can assure you of providing lifelong commitment to let you reach and maintain a healthy weight. Your weight-loss goals along with surgery need to be complemented with factors such as positive attitude, motivation, self-discipline, and the ability to stick to your goals.

What Lapband Surgery Entails

Lapband surgery involves attaching an adjustable gastric band around the upper element of the stomach and thereby creates a new, smaller stomach pouch. This procedure restricts the food intake of an individual and also increases the mount of time that food takes to pass to the intestines. The recovery time of the surgery is very fast and hospital stay in most of the time not required.

First week after Surgery

After the initial weeks after the operation, you need to get used to a new life with the Lapband. Your motivation and commitment to getting adjusted to a new lifestyle is a big part of the long term weight loss success plan. The new lifestyle means including a new diet and exercise regimen, routine check-ups, and Lapband adjustments. You have be very patient in the first weeks after the first big step. The rest will come with self-discipline.

Recovery in the First Weeks

Keep the following points in mind in the first week of the surgery.

* Expect some soreness around the place where the access port is located. It should subside soon, and if not consult your surgeon.
* You may not be able to shower for a day or so in order to prevent infection.
* Walk as comfortable as possible in order to regain strength as well as for prevention of blood clots.
* During the first week of the surgery, get plenty o rest and give you time to recover.
* You will be able to recommence your normal activities within a week as long as the tasks are not physically demanding.
* For such heavy jobs, you may have to give 2-3 weeks to recuperate completely.
* You will need to make regular follow-up visits to the doctor weekly or bi-weekly during the first month, so that your way to recovery is under expert eyes.

Dietary guidelines

After surgery, you will have to abide by a new nutrition plan. You will be given suggestions on how to bring about positive changes in your diet and lifestyle. It is important that your new diet plan is give life immediately post-surgery. Only then will your new stomach pouch be able to heal completely.  In the first few weeks after your surgery, you will put on a liquid diet as only light liquids will be tolerated by the changed stomach. As you recover, you will gradually shifted to pureed foods (3-4 weeks post-operation), soft foods (five weeks). You will be allowed solid food finally after six weeks. In the initial weeks, it is advisable not to stretch the small stomach pouch.