Sweet First Anniversary Wedding Ideas

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Celebrating the first year anniversary is one of the most special occasions in a couples’ life. This is the reason why most think of a really special celebration as this marks a special period and a milestone in their relationship.

Giving a first anniversary gift is also very crucial as the gift will probably be remembered for all the time that you will spend together. So what do you give?
Unless you have a million dollar stashed away in the bank and you can afford to give a diamond ring, the only alternatives are gifts that may be cheap but very sweet. Here are some ideas that we hope will make your anniversary memorable.

Look to the memories

Nothing can be sweeter than going back to the times that you were together and reminiscing on the good times. You can actually capture the moment and putting it in a gift that both of you will appreciate. If you have for instance a photo that you have kept that reminds you of a special time together, why not frame it or put it in a nice picture frame. You can make a caption that explains how you felt at that moment in the photograph. Your partner will find this really sweet. Besides, it will strengthen your bond more than any gift would as you will both be transported by the happy memory.

Other ideas for a gift is to keep tickets of a movie that you have seen together or receipt from a restaurant where you first had your date. Frame them or put them in a photo album. You can reminisce together while you eat your dinner and celebrate your first year anniversary.

Look to the wants

Your partner is sure to want something. Think of your partner’s wish list and try to give at last three of the items in the list. The gifts need not be material. For instance, he or she may wish for you to be more understanding and more thoughtful. Promise to be that way through a card or a letter. You can even be funny by making a mock certificate where you promise to be that way.

Fulfilling their wishes is one way of making him or her feel that you are willing to sacrifice something for them. This is perhaps one of the sweetest thing that you can do for your partner especially during your first year celebration.