Symptoms of Facebook Addiction

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Facebook, the most popular social networking site is known for its addictive qualities through its social thrills, games and mini applications. Just ask yourself, do you use Facebook for 15 minutes or more than 15 minutes. And you would be surprised to find that apart from you, there are many people who use it for hours in a day and these not only includes just adolescents; but working people of all ages.

Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook with his roommates while studying computer science at the prestigious Harvard University.  The idea initially was limited to Harvard students, but it quickly got expanded to other Ivy league colleges in Boston. Before anyone could fathom the platform in a short period of time was able to garner millions of users.

Today it boasts of having more than 200 million users and it widely accepted as the most addictive of the social networking platforms. The addiction has no end and if you think that there is nothing to it, think again. Here are the top 5 ways know you’re an addict when you:

  1. In the hours committed to work, you find yourself checking up on what your contacts are unto or you go through their photos, videos or latest activities musing on what you could be doing instead of what you should.
  2. You have figured out how to access Facebook through your mobile phone so you do so at the peak of every hour and now own an iPhone or looking are forward to one as it would make everything charming and convenient.
  3. You have fought with your partner on the topics of status, noumber of contacts or your shout content, or one of the photo’s where to you were up to some mischief and your friend uploaded the picture and tagged you.
  4. There are never enough friends and contacts. And now it includes not only those around but those from exotic lands with whom you share some time playing games and chatting offhandedly.
  5. You tend to get frustrated if you do not find a person you are looking for on Facebook. In the process of looking for that one person you will add approximately another 5 on the way just because you were browsing your friend’s profile to check if that one person is there.

If you come in positive on all or majority of the above, know that you’re an addict. Not only do you check your profile, but you do so a few times a day updating your status at least a dozen times in the day notifying the whole world that you are online and you are alive, kicking with something to say. Photos show you in many moods, you prefer to chat with a friend from abroad about your day at work or confide in him since he is far away and you are comfortable with the distance, and you have put your life on a page with a simple script.

Just remember Facebook is a great platform but addition to it can ruin your personal and professional life!