Test Taking: Helping Your Children

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Test Taking: Helping Your Children

During the times of examinations, it is much possible that even the parents go through the same series of anxiety attack as well as the experience very much similar to those of their children. More than that, the parents do not want to see their children going through a hard time preparing and appearing for tests. It is very important for the parents to make their children realize the importance of taking tests as well as give them proper guidelines to study for the test. Also the kind of nervousness that is experienced by the children during this time also needs to be tackled with very sensibly as without understanding the real reason behind the anxious behavior of your children, it cannot be tackled.

Tests are very important to assess the kind of student your child is as well as the environment that is offered in your home prepares your child in the wrong or the right way. There should be support as well as study environment should compliment the kind of learner your child is. It is much better if you do not turn on the TV or at least lower the volume when your child is studying. There should not be any disturbance created while the tests are going on so that your child can concentrate more on studies rather than the ongoing noise. Also incase there is any problem that your child is having difficulty to understand then make sure that you make an effort on making him/her understand. This way your child feels that you are actually interested in helping him perform better.

As the test that your child is going to take is prepared by the teachers, make sure that you are in constant contact with them so that you are aware of the progress your child is making as well as you can inform them about the way your child is trying to excel at home. This can even form a comfortable relationship where your child is comfortable enough to go straight to the teacher and discuss about his problems. You should help to develop enough self confidence in your child so that he is able to put up his hands and ask what he does not understand in class.

Before going to take the test make sure that your child has all the necessary objects that he needs to take with him in examination hall. It includes pencils, sharpeners, erasers, scales, staplers and so on. Also let your child know about the importance of time management as well as proper answering of all the questions. Revision is also necessary before leaving for test as it prepares your child mentally that he is ready and will do very well in exam. If your child is suffering from any kind of physical discomfort, make sure that you have given him proper medication and also notify the teachers so that they can take care of him if something happens in the examination hall.

After the test is finished, it is very good if your child has performed very well but in case he hasn’t don’t put his morale down by criticizing or scolding him. Tell your child that he needs to work harder for the next test and learn from his mistakes rather than making it more hard for him. By following the above suggestions you can prove yourself to be very competent parents during the time of tests.