The Basics Of Owning Business Jets

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The Basics Of Owning Business Jets

If you’re considering buying a private jet, you probably have some questions. You want to know exactly how you can own, or lease, or charter, a private jet, and you probably have some basic questions about whether this is the right choice for your company. It’s certainly not a decision to be made without a lot of thought. In that, it’s just like any very major purchase; take your time and really think about what you need, ask questions, and figure out what you should do.

Your first concern is probably cost. Actually, as private jets become more widely used by corporations and growing businesses alike, the costs have gone down significantly, and you probably will be surprised how affordable it can be. Many corporations compare the cost of owning a private jet to the cost of paying an employee’s salary and benefit, month-to-month. Of course there are many types and sizes of jets, just as there are different levels of employee, but you get the idea.

If you’re not sure that owning a private jet outright is the best choice for your company at this time, or if you want to “try” having a private jet before you make the private jet, you can either lease a jet, or rent a jet when you need it—charter a jet, as you would rent a car or charter a bus. These options are becoming very popular, and they offer a convenient and easy way to get into a private jet.

You may wonder if your reasons for wanting a private jet are “good enough.” Probably. For starters, when you fly on a private jet, you fly when you want, not when the airlines are going where you’re going. You also can get closer to remote destinations, since private jets can land at smaller airports, And you will save all that time you’re currently spending standing in line at airports, in security, baggage check and claim, and boarding the plane. In fact, it’s like having your own personal plane. It’s exactly like that, of course, because that’s exactly what it is.

Is the flexibility and convenience worth the cost?  For many companies, the answer to that question is an emphatic “yes” because they spend far less on hotels and rental cars when their executives and team members can fly on their own schedule and get closer to destinations. When the time saved at the airport is added in, most companies find that chartering, owning or leasing a plane is one of the best decisions they can make for the health and financial strength of their company.

No, it’s not a small decision; you know that going in. But knowing that, take the time to really think and consider all the pluses and minuses of owning a private jet, and look into the various ways that your company could have access to a private jet, including fractional ownership, leasing and charter. It may be the right choice for you now or in the near future.