The Connection Between Alcohol and Snoring

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The Connection Between Alcohol and Snoring

It’s relaxing and pleasurable to hit the bar after work with some friends. It gives you a chance to unwind and share a cocktail or two before you head home to bed. That stop at the bar might be costing you more than the price of a drink or two though. It might be costing you a night that doesn’t involve waking up tired.

Alcohol can cause snoring. By partaking of a drink or two you can be setting yourself up to snore. The reason is that when we drink our bodies become relaxed, this includes the muscles of the throat. Often when a person has drank a few cocktails they will fall into a very deep sleep, a very relaxed sleep which can result in very loud snoring. If you’ve ever been at a party or social gathering where someone has consumed too much alcohol and fallen asleep, you might remember that they were snoring, and if you told them after, they’d say that they don’t snore. That just might be true often a person only snores when they have been drinking liquor.

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To stop the snoring they need to first become aware that their drinking is contributing to the seriousness of the problem. For someone in a relationship, their significant other will probably complain enough about the sound of the snoring and its effects that no other reminder will be necessary. For others, it might be that their snoring wakes themselves up. This can occur if the snoring is particularly loud and the person is sleeping restlessly. They’ll find themselves jolted awake and wondering what was the cause. The cause is almost always that the snoring has startled them enough to wake them from their slumber. It’s very hard to recognize this yourself though, after all how can we hear ourselves snore when we are asleep, especially a very deep sleep that results from the relaxing effects of alcohol.

The best and easiest way to remedy snoring that is caused by alcohol consumption is to either drink less or in some cases, not drink liquor at all. If this isn’t an acceptable option another alternative might be to switch to another type of drink. Some beverages contain a higher concentration of alcohol than others. If you are snoring because you’ve been drinking a few glasses of wine, switching to beer might greatly improve the situation.

Another approach to stopping your snoring when it’s brought on by drinking is to eat more while you consume the alcohol. Eating while drinking spirits can help you absorb less of the alcohol into your system. For someone who snores because of alcohol this can be very significant, it allows them to drink while at the same time, their sleep that night won’t be too deeply affected by snoring.

If snoring is being brought on because of that beer that you drink with your dinner, it might be time to switch to a soda or a glass of water. Weighing the pleasure of the drink against the possibility of stopping snoring is a personal choice.