There are Two Types of Car Auctions

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There are Two Types of Car Auctions

If you are looking for auto auction then you have two types to choose from, local and online. Getting clear idea about both the types will help you choose between them as according to your need and ease.

First type is going for a local vehicle auction. For this the first thing you need to do is pre-registering with the local auto auction you intend to join. Once you are registered you’ll be given all the information regarding how to participate in the local auto auctions. You’ll have all assistance in getting acquainted with the needed rules and procedures of bidding.
You’ll require giving all precise details about your vehicle if you intend to sell in the auction. You car condition, mileage, title status, all history and records and the must information you should provide beforehand. Then after you’ll be given a unique and specific location for your car to stand for other buyers to come and inspect. And if you are there to purchase, then you get to inspect the stand cars in the premises before the auction starts. These kinds of auctions are advertised in local papers. If you are looking forward to buy a car then you should keep track of what and all kinds and type are on sale and inspect them accordingly.

Very different from local auto auctions, the other type is online auto auction. However, the working and the process is almost the same in both the types. The major difference is that, in online auction, you cannot inspect the vehicle physically before purchase as you can in local auctions, unless the buyer and seller bother are in the same area. Thus, in online auction, the seller needs to put up much more information possible along with photographs that give clear picture of the condition of the vehicle. You can get thousands of online auto auction website listed once you search in search engines. But selecting a good website which plays fair is also a challenge in itself. You should be very careful in selecting a website you would deal with. You might even be victim of spam if you don’t act alert.

While buying from online auto auction, you might incur some extra expenses for shipping of your purchased vehicle especially if the seller is pretty far away. Upon arrival of the vehicle you can inspect it thoroughly and then finalize the deal with seller. It is not necessary that you have to take it if it was misinformed in the website and you do not have to agree up on the stated price too. You can very well bargain for a better price. So online auto auctions have much less risk than local auction.

Whichever type you might choose, purchasing a vehicle from an auto auction will definitely save a lot of money. You can be sure to get a better deal than if you had dealt with a dealer or a private person. This is the main reason many people are attracted to auto auctions.