Tips For Successful Article Writing

Tips For Successful Article Writing

Article writing is a useful means to express your ideas on paper so as to become professional writer.

Remember that “Content is King”. The better way you organize your ideas, the more publicity you get. Two basic points to be kept in mind while writing an article are:-

(1)  Use the simplest possible language
Your writing should be able to reach maximum number of readers. This means that it must be written in the simplest language which can be understood by the widest range of people. Most frequently the writers of magazines and newspapers use the “fourth grade level”.

It means that they are using the simplest possible language to express their reporting news and opinions.

This does not mean that they don’t possess the capabilities to write in hi-fi language, they just wish that the news should reach to more and more people. But surely, using simple language is not possible for all types of publications. Many of the magazines related to technical issues, social commentary or politics will use such complex language to put the audience away from the actual facts. But for such kind of writing, appropriate level of complexity is needed. Apart from such magazines, it’s always preferred to use simplest and straightforward writing style. 

(2)  Represent your ideas in an interesting manner
Your ideas should be represented in such a way that they are useful to the audience. The better you frame your ideas, more readers will be attracted towards your article. Organize your ideas in such a manner that it entertains the readers. Make sure that don’t write whole descriptive stuff so that the readers feel bored. Most of the articles written for the internet or for magazines are in classic style known as “five paragraph essay”, which is an ideal format for writing articles in brief. If this style is followed then you can express your ideas in a very beautiful way with the good and interesting start and end.
Five paragraph essay – Step by step guide

1) First paragraph: Introduction-to represent the actual topic and related concepts in brief.

2) Second, Third and fourth paragraphs: Which will support or expand points in the introduction in the simple and creative language.

3)  Fifth paragraph: – Conclusion-which fully summarizes the topic and contains the purpose of the topic of article being written.

Thus, you can surely write well for magazines or Internet if you can effectively write five paragraph essays in clear and understandable language. So, by using simplest possible language and organizing your ideas in an effective manner, you can become successful article writer using a conversational style and with the help of “Spellings and Grammar” facility in word software. Go Ahead and Keep Writing with full confidence!!