Top 5 Homemade Edible Gifts

Edible Gifts are a fun and easy way to present some unique gifts to your relatives. Even if you think you are not much of a cook, the recipe ideas listed below are so simple to make and so delicious that you will never have to worry about finding the perfect gift ever again.

  1. Some of the most popular sweets around holiday times are different kinds of brittles. You could make them with dry roasted peanuts, salted almonds and some even try using cashews. You can make tins and tins of these brittle and present them to your friends and family. People of all ages will love to munch on them.
  2. Brownies are again very easy to make. Since most ingredients are either on hand or are easily available, these are perfect for sudden celebratory occasions like the birth of a new baby or a promotion.
  3. Jar Mixes will give you the widest opportunity to experiment. For example, you could present a coffee lover with a jar full of his or her favorite coffee. Tea lovers could be given an assortment of gourmet tea bags. On the other hand, if you have friends who like to cook, pack all of the dry ingredients needed for a few recipes in a pretty jar, add a note containing instructions on how to make them so that all they need to buy are the wet ingredients. You can even experiment with packing the ingredients so that the jars look colorful and decorative.
  4. Who does not love cookies? From grandparents to grandchildren, every person loves some or the other variety of them. And there is no better time to bake cookies and gift them than at Christmas time. Some of the more popular cookies that you could make around this time are macaroons and Neapolitans. You could use different food colorings for the Neapolitans while many love the taste of cinnamon in snickerdoodles.
  5. Not everybody loves sweets, especially during holiday seasons when everyone tends to gift some or the other form of sweet. During this holiday season, you could try baking a loaf of bread and presenting it while it is still fresh to your friends. You could even go one step further and try your hand at making some fresh homemade flavored butter to go along with the bread. Or you could try making pasta at home and then presenting it in a nicely decorated salad bowl along with a jar of their favorite pasta sauce, sundried tomatoes, parmesan cheese, olive oil and so on.

If you are really wary of cooking, then you could try to present the ingredients needed for a meal. For example, if getting breakfast in bed for your partner is beyond you, try this for a change. Take a serving tray or even a newspaper basket and arrange all the breakfast items like breakfast cookies or freshly bought scones, jam, honey, muesli or granola, fresh fruits and packets of coffee or tea.