Top Social Networking Sites You Need To Know

A social networking website is a huge online platform for the users to create their profiles and build a personal network to get connected with their friends and family from all across the world. The blooming social networking industry has gained immense popularity in the past few years. Today the industry is bestowed with a number of websites offering remarkable services.

Some of the popular and leading social networking websites that are considered to be the reigning champions are as follows:

* MySpace – A Place For Friends

MySpace is one of the leading social communities that allow you to make new friends, maintain contact with family and existing friends, share interests and exchange media files. What makes MySpace distinct from other online social utilities is its unique and exclusive web design, easy and simple tools that allow sharing files, convenient communication features and an option to customize their personal profiles. Another cool feature offered by this valuable service is the facility to find information on independent music bands and songs or gigs performed by them.

* Facebook
Another top social networking website, Facebook aims at offering its members with complete power to share their interests and get connected with the world. The application is admired by millions of users for its high-quality services that enable them to make new friends, share videos, links and other media files, upload unlimited photos etc. Its simple interface helps a user to easily navigate through the website and attain a better understanding of its features. The magnetizing factor of this website is its top-notch security system that offers complete protection for the interest of its members.

* Hi5 – Your friends. Your world.
Hi5 is another social networking website that offers its valuable services to the web users. The application aims at enabling its members to connect their lives, share their interests and also explore what is happening around them. This remarkable application allows you to create photo albums, setup music player and send friend-requests through email.

* Friendster
Friendster is a global social networking application that focuses on enabling its members to discover new people, get connected with their existing friends and explore new things happening around them. Some of the features that add to the popularity of Friendster are its easy to use tools, friendly services and interactive environment. The application has succeeded in showing tremendous growth in small time duration with its excellent and supportive tools and services.

* Bebo

To enhance your social networking experience, another top social networking service is Bebo that brings you the opportunity to find out the current events taking place around you. In addition to this it also extends the world with a chance to explore the recent happenings taking place in your lives. Just like other social networking sites, Bebo attempts to offer you with some amazing services so as to serve you with maximum comfort. Its array of benefits include personalization and excellent privacy settings that tend to serve your needs and simultaneously safeguard your interests.