Trademarks For Jewelry

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Trademarks For Jewelry

If you ever have purchased jewelry in the past, you might have seen some notations on it for sure. These are the trademarks of the maker of the jewelry. It gives the buyer relevant information about who has made the jewellery. This article will throw some more light on jewelry trademark and distinguish it from hallmark. 

What are jewelry trademarks? 

Basically inscribing the information about the maker on the jewelry so that the buyer has information about the maker is known as the trademark of the jewelry. The maker thus makes sure that without prior permission, no other maker makes such kinds of jewelry for sale. When any intending buyer has a look at the jewelry and sees the trademark of it, it gives the buyer confidence about the authenticity of the jewelry so made. But still, one may note that though in almost all cases the information derived by means of the trademark is true, there are a few occasions where this might not hold true and the claim as made by the trademark may turn out to be false as well. 

How are they differentiated from hallmarks? 

There are some points of distinction between hallmarks and jewelry trademarks. Firstly, trademarks protect the work of the manufacturer who has made the jewelry but a hallmark does not. If any other manufacturer, without the original manufacturer’s prior permission replicates the design of the jewelry, the latter can sue the former in a court of law for infringement of trademark. As such, a trademark gives the maker an exclusive right to claim the design as his, which cannot be copied by anyone else. 

Then, trademark only discloses the name of the manufacturer of the jewelry while hallmark contains some other information also. Hallmark discloses the kind of metal used in making the jewelry, the origination and even the name of the artisan in some cases. So basically, a trademark simply protects the right of use of the maker, whereas a hallmark gives other information which is used by the buyer. 

Why trademark of jewelry is important? 

This is due to quite a few reasons. The primary reason behind trademark of jewelry is to secure and appreciate the efforts put in by the manufacturer who has manufactured the piece of jewelry by investing personal devotion. If trademark is not done, it will be a total waste of the efforts put in by the individual or group who has made the design. So for intellectual property rights, trademark is essential. In fact, hallmark is made use of for the collection of taxes on the various jewelry item one buys from the local market. 

Yet another reason that facilitates the importance of trademark of jewelry is to provide the buyer with some genuine information about the seller or the maker and give him confidence about the jewelry being genuine. This enables the buyer to make out whether the jewelry is actually made by the person by whom it is claimed to be, merely by having a look at the inscription made on the jewelry by the maker by means of a trademark.