Traveling To Amsterdam With Kids

Traveling To Amsterdam With Kids

Amsterdam, a popular tourist destination has something to offer to people of all ages. It is a place, where even a kid can have a lot of fun like an adult. A hub of parks and museums makes this place both informative and fun to explore for kids. If nothing else, bring your kids here for a vacation to enjoy its picturesque location around water canals and enjoy the nature’s bounty. Read on to know about some useful information for traveling with kids in Amsterdam.


Perfect for kids ages between 6 and 16, this science and technology museum is a good way to increase knowledge. Not just the kids, even their parents will be impressed to see the interactive displays of this amazing Amsterdam museum.

Amsterdam Parks

Kids will get a chance to visit not just 1 or 2 but 28 great parks in Amsterdam. Away from the city’s hustle bustle, all these parks are perfect for enjoying picnics. Leave your kids free to roam and play in these spacious parks and let them enjoy swings and fresh air amidst nature. Vondelpark, Beatrixpark, Westerpark and Rembrandtpark are some of the popular parks in Amsterdam.

Amstel Park

Ideally set on the Amstel River, the Amstel Park is known for its beautiful windmill. Your kids will definitely love spending time in this picnic spot cum park. You can easily reach this park by following the bike routes among the Amstel River.

Maritime Museum

Though it will remain under renovation till 2009, this museum has all that you might need to fascinate your kids. Its spectacular replica of a 1749 Dutch ship set up at NEMO is a special attraction for kids. In fact kids just love climbing aboard this ship to play pirates.

Ferry Ride

Fascinate your kids in Amsterdam with ferry rides. In fact, this watery town surrounded by canals, can be best explored on a ferry. Take your kids for a 2-hour historical ferryboat ride and explore places like Nieuwendam and Eastern Islands.

Artis Zoo

Another attraction for kids in Amsterdam is its Artis Zoo. This beautiful and well-maintained zoo is comprised of a planetarium, aquarium and geology museum. Not only these, it also has a perfect playground for kids to have fun with its climbing structures and sandbox.

Madame Tussaud’s

Don’t miss taking your kids to Madame Tussaud’s wonderful museum in Amsterdam. It is a perfect place to introduce your kids to the Dutch history. See whether your kids recognize the lifelike portraits of great personalizes like Van Gogh, Vermeer and Rembrandt.

Recommended in addition to being an ideal destination for kids, Amsterdam is a fun to visit place with family. We are sure that by now, you are aware of where to take your kids to make the best use out of your Amsterdam tour. A trip to this amazing destination will no doubt increase your kids’ knowledge and will be cherished by them for years to come.