Understanding Family Watch Dogs

Among the large variety of animals existing in the world, it has been proved that the dogs are one of the most amicable animals who are found to be most adept at learning. A dog’s obedience is a quality or aspect that every owner desires in their relationship with their pet. But unfortunately, a large number of domestic dogs also lack the basic quality of dog obedience.

However, this singular quality of  dogs does not discourage mankind from making dogs his best friends. In fact, quite a large effort has been made over the years to teach dogs responsibilities and obedience. And nowadays, a lot of dog schools, dog trainers and books are available for  dog owners who are eager to transform their dogs into their companions who are quite similar to humans. They train these dogs to inculcate the capability to think faster, quick reaction to commands, and answer to their needs.

The police, the physically challenged and the military have trained  dogs for their use. There are a number of stories about  dogs who at one time or another saved their owner’s lives and their property. PLus trained dogs are engaged in sporting competitions, and have won awards for their masters a number of times. Some other dogs who have been trained are of immense value during operations dealing with search and rescue after a natural or accidental disaster and terrorist attack.

However, without good and effective dog training, none of these posotive dog actions could have been possible. Untrained dogs could prove to be very dangerous as they could be the source of chaos, destruction and other negativity – for the family as well as the society at a large. For instance, it has been seen that  untrained dogs can be habitually chewing up things in the home premises like  shoes and furniture. They also frequently tend to get into food items throughout the house that aren’t locked down – or that are – and disrupt the family set up with barking and other poor behaviors. Aggressive dogs can be very dangerous as they can cause both the health troubles from bites and even death (like from attacks) in some cases to the family members, strangers or even the neighbors.

Due to some such cases and situations, a number of dog owners have had to have their pets put to sleep or otherwise destroyed, or sent to shelters throughout the country. Hence it not always the dog who is responsible for the level of intelligence it has; instead it may be the dog’s owner to ensure that his pet dog gets the required training that will help it to adapt to the society and be a responsible member.

Now many can say that a dog and man relationship is unchallengeable. However, it is  clear that all dog owners do not understand nor are aware of the importance of the dog’s training. Dogs need to function properly instead of being a nuisance to both owners and society at large. Hence a dog can be either your friend or your foe depending on what and how you train them.