Use NLP Hypnosis To Manipulate People You’ve Never Met

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A lot in your life depends on how well you are able to make people do what you wish to happen. This is the power of manipulation and not everyone is gifted with this capacity. In order to manipulate some one and turn the situation to one’s advantage, one needs to be adept at persuasion skills, smooth talking, and control over one’s own will power and so on. The art of manipulation also depends how well you are able to judge someone and then use that knowledge later on to go about manipulating that person.

Strangers Behold

What if a situation requires you to take your manipulation powers beyond the average? That is, what if the person to be manipulated is one you have never met? In such a case, the tables are turned and the general skills required for manipulation also change. Because the person in question is someone you have never had physical confrontation, the process of manipulation needs to be altered to suit such a level.

Areas of the Unknown

Some of the common areas where you come to be acquainted with people but are not able to meet on the person are internet chat rooms, social networking sites, phone sessions, email friends, pen friends and so on. Of these, the relationships formed over internet and print medium is the most unsteady because you don’t come to know anything of the person other than what he/she is writing. Over the phone, you can at least figure out a person’s nature to a large extent through his/her voice.

NLP Hypnosis and Manipulation

In such cases, NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming comes into assistance. NLP hypnotic language patterns are the tool that one can use in such cases. Through a process called hypnotic manipulation, you can actually take control over people whom you have not even met. The chances of its success are even greater when you take your subject towards what can be called a win/win situation. If this does not work, still success is guaranteed as you will be eventually noticed and they will come after you. It has to be done in such a way so as to make them feel good and thus help you bond friendships for life.

Persuasion to your Advantage

In a good NLP Training Course, you will be taught to chalk out a strategy for persuasion. In NLP jargon, you will be able to linguistically bind, then proceed to future pace and then amplify the thoughts in any direction you want. This can be done in the case of other people as well. You can draw people into a trance with just the way you use words. If it is someone on the phone, you must maintain a high pitch of tone while running at running at light speed. A slow, deep and grave voice will have greater hypnotic effects. The persuasion skill that is ushered but this course will be of innumerable help to you when it comes to gaining control people you have never met. Thus, this helps you get a control over the impossible.