Useful Powerpoint Tricks

We are all aware that PowerPoint is one of the most flexible, powerful and user-friendly presentation packages in the market today. However, we are usually too pressed for time or in a hurry to finish up a presentation that we do not try to learn any of the wonderful tricks that will help enhance our presentations. Here is a list of useful PowerPoint tricks that you can use to liven up your presentation.

Choice of Designs: You could always choose to develop a presentation from scratch. However, if you look through the database of templates, you will invariably find a design template that should be more than sufficient for your purpose. The advantage of these templates is that they apply a consistent design to all the slides and you do not have to worry about formatting or the style at any point of time. Moreover, you are not stuck with the design once you have chosen it. Even if you have created a number of slides using a particular design but do not like it as you go along, you simply need to select a new design template. This will immediately be applied to all the slides without affecting the content. If there are some slides that you would like to highlight or present in a different design, you can do that through the Slide Sorter View.
Keep the Slides Simple: You need to present your information so that it does not overwhelm the audience. Prepare a draft of your presentation. Now, go through the followings steps:

  1. Eliminate complete sentences and replace them with phrases, figures and keywords.
  2. Do not use fanciful clip art but do use as many images as you can to illustrate your point.
  3. Remove the punctuations.

At the end of this exercise you will find that your content has been reduced to simple bullet points and important figures, all helping your audience to visualize things better.
You probably know by now that you can display bullet points one at a time by selecting a particular animation scheme. When you specify that you would like ‘Fade In One By One’, the bulleted items will appear one at a time. However, suppose you are trying to go in the reverse order with the most important point being displayed last. In such a case, you can again specify that you would like the bullet points to be shown in reverse order.
When you finish your presentation, most of the time, the Slide Show ends with the only thing being visible is your Desktop or whatever you were working on. Instead of letting the audience see what is on your Desktop, you could create a special slide to be shown in the end. This may contain a master list of all the slides and probably a small message thanking the audience. Leave this slide on till you are ready to leave the place. That way, even if you click on the last slide, one gets to see only the end slide, which protects your information from the audience.