Using MySpace

Among social networking sites, MySpace is now facing tough competition from sites like Facebook and Twitter. However, speak to music enthusiasts the world over and MySpace still emerges as the most popular social networking site. Many bands choose MySpace as the most popular online service through which they promote their music and also interact with their fans.
Though MySpace did start out as a social networking site, slowly its reputation as the world leader started being threatened by the advent of sites such as Orkut, Facebook and Twitter. Nevertheless, it did not take long for professionals in the music industry to realize that this free network offered them a chance to spread the word around about their music, have conversations with their fans and get first hand information about how the music was being received.

For fans, this was a god-sent opportunity to interact with their artists, to tell them how much they loved their music and what they would like to hear from their favorite band. This immense popularity of the site, both with artists and fans, gave people in the music industry enough reason to use MySpace for marketing the music of various bands and labels. This led to the creation of MySpace Music, an exclusive area in MySpace meant for MySpace pages that are devoted to music.

When you set up a MySpace profile, you are essentially creating a small website for yourself, which will be a part of the MySpace site. Owners of this profile can design this in any way they seem fit. In fact, they can upload their favorite photos, videos, start a blog and add any kind of personal information that they want to. Quite obviously, the owner can also upload music files and allow visitors to download them, listen to them, comment on them and purchase them if they like!

In fact, very recently MySpace Music joined hands with four major labels to start free streaming of the various music albums produced by those labels, on demand by visitors. In fact, users can even create playlists from these songs, containing as many as a hundred songs and then buy these songs from Amazon, directly from the MySpace Music site.

If you are a music fan, the chance to meet and interact with your favorite artists should be motivation enough to start a MySpace page. However, if you are a budding artist MySpace has plenty to offer:

  • It is one of the simplest ways in which you can give your music more exposure and communicate with your fans.
  • If you are operating on a limited budget, this free social networking site is a great way to make your music reach to areas you never thought possible.
  • You can use the various tools that MySpace Music provides to promote your new releases, videos and tours, if any.

As you can see, as an artist, by being on MySpace you get all the benefits of being on a social networking site and at the same time, you get the added advantages of the MySpace Music tools.