Using Teeth Whitening Strips

Using Teeth Whitening Strips

Among the number of teeth whitening products dotting the market, the whitening strips available as over-the-counter teeth whiteners are quickly raising up the popularity charts. Whitening strips provide a level of comfort to the user which is generally not available in other in house whitening products like cleaning trays.

To put is simply tooth whitening strips are a flexible and thin piece of plastic, coated with thin film of bleaching agent on the both sides. Hydrogen peroxide is used to film these whitening strips. Peroxide is a whitening agent that is used in most of the teeth whitening treatments. The strip itself delivers the precise dose of bleaching agents required for whitening.

When one uses a whitening strip, they need to be positioned across the teeth and then pressed gently so that the strip is contacted properly with the teeth that are to be treated. Leave the strips for 20 to 30 minutes after pressing. Although the process is easy, it does not offer instant results. For that you will have to repeat the procedure until you get the result you have desired for.

The teeth whitening strips are one of the cheapest and effective whitening options. After using the whitening strips for 14 to 30 days, twice a day one can notice the desired changes. You can terminate the use of whitening strips at any time, if in case you have achieved the results you desired.

Each of the teeth whitening strips kit contains two different strips of different shapes. One of these strips is designed to fit across the upper teeth while the other strip is expected to fit across the lower teeth. However, depending on the concentration of the whitening strips applied by the manufacturer, the strips contained in each kit may vary.

The tooth whitening strips have been specially designed to offer an alternative option to the other at-home and tray based whitening solutions. Many people consider that the whitening system that uses belching trays is incompatible and inconvenient. They may also worsen jaw joint problems or endorse excessive salvation. Besides, when the bleaching trays are worn out they become noticeable.

One of the greatest advantages of whitening strips is that it does not require any sort of trays. The strip is the sole delivery system and compared with the trays, it is very thin. Some may also find these strips less visible than the trays.

There are certain things that you should take care of while using the whitening strips. For instance, if a person uses the strips beyond the recommended time, then you may wind up with sensitive teeth. In addition to that the gums may also get affected, if the instructions are not followed properly.

When compared with other do-it-yourself kits, it is found that the whitening strips works much better in comparison. It offers the best way to have bright and white teeth at the most affordable price and in a hassle free way. Overall, it can be summed up that teeth whitening strips do really work.