Using the Zodiac To Predict A Relationship

Predicting the future of a relationship is a question that puzzles nearly every one of us. Thankfully, Chinese astrology comes to our rescue and it uses the Chinese zodiac compatibility technique to determine the compatibility between two individuals based on their Chinese zodiac animal signs and predict the course of a relationship.

Some of the examples of Chinese zodiac compatibility matches are:

  • Chinese zodiac animal rat matches with ox or monkey
  • Chinese zodiac animal tiger matches with dog
  • Chinese zodiac animal rabbit matches pig
  • Chinese zodiac animal dragon matches rooster
  • Chinese zodiac animal snake matches monkey

Since ancient times, people of China have used and followed Chinese zodiac matches to make pairs among individuals. Guaranteeing a ‘happily ever after’ marriage, Chinese zodiac compatibility is used extensively in China as well as other parts of the world. However Chinese zodiac compatibility matches have been known to work since ages, critics do not believe so as they feel that couples in China do quarrel and their marriages often end up in divorces.

To decide whether Chinese zodiac compatibility really works or not, we will have to know some of the basic facts about the origin of Chinese astrology and the five elements. To start with, Chinese zodiac astrology finds its roots in the ancient chronology of sexagesimal cycle used in China. For easy remembrance and according to the qualities depicted by each zodiac, ancient Chinese astrology devised twelve branches of zodiac each of which is represented by twelve animals namely, rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig.

Chinese astrology also depends on the five basic elements found on earth. The five elements noted in the Chinese astrology are fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. Each of the five elements are described in a cyclic sequence and are the initial ingredient in the generation of the next element. Combining all the five elements and the twelve zodiac animals, Chinese zodiac provides each animal with a feature that is governed by the five elements. As an example, the zodiac years of the animal dragon, ox, sheep and dog belong to the element earth wherein first two years belong to “moist earth” and the later two belong to the “dry earth”.

For matching the compatibility of two people, Chinese astrology looks at the time of year a person was born in. A person born in a particular year will have the characteristics of the zodiac animal that rules that year. Even though two people may have been born in a same year, their compatibility will differ ranging on the time of year they are born in. While matching the compatibility of two people, Chinese zodiac uses a combination of the characteristics resulting from a zodiac animal and combines them with the five elements to decide a favourable or unfavourable match.

For an effective match, users following Chinese zodiac compatibility match are advised to consider the date, time as well as the year of their birth. Using these details along with the details of animal and five elements leads to the eight character compatibility in Chinese astrology and are found to be more accurate in deciding compatibility in a relationship just with zodiac signs.