Using Twitter and Facebook

After reading and hearing all the hype about Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn you may have decided to give them a look. Perhaps you actually signed up and were pleasantly surprised to find many old friends already on them. And then, to your great surprise, you even find one of your business competitors online! But the fact, is for quite some time now, Twitter and Facebook have been used to market businesses all over the world.

Let us provide you a quick guide on how you can use Twitter and Facebook to promote your business.

To begin with, build a band of followers on Twitter – this is your list of targeted people. This approach is much faster than using Facebook to build a list of potential customers. Once you have the list, you can use Facebook to build a relationship and provide more information about your products or services.

Twitter is a very effective way of quickly finding clients so that you can then follow them up through Facebook. However, you should learn to maintain a professional profile and use your account consistently. Further, you need not always take an active role in promoting your business on Twitter; even by being a passive but an interested participant, you can attract new business. To identify potential business opportunities on Twitter, you could do any of the following:
1.    You could use a service called Twellow to find the relevant people.
2.    You could use the search function and search for keywords relevant to your business.
3.    If there is a conversation in your area of expertise, you could step in and offer help or advice.
4.    You could actually start a business conversation.

Make sure that every Tweet of yours is genuine and respectful. And very soon, you will have a following of interested potential customers.

From Twitter, most of your followers will follow your link back to Facebook. On Facebook, people will read more about your business and how your solutions can help them.  You can use the various services and applications that Facebook provides you with to establish your credibility and your expertise in the industry.

Create a profile on Facebook with the business as your focus. You could add a personal touch to make it interesting but make sure that any visitor knows exactly what your business is and the kind of solutions it is selling. By providing enough information, you will soon have a following that will definitely boost your business prospects.

Once you have a profile, you could try the following steps:

1.    If you have been posting on your business blog, provide links to those posts from your profile.
2.    Accept friends requests even from acquaintances so that you can reach out to as many people as you can.
3.    You can even create a discussion area where supporters of your solution can speak to and allay some of the concerns of, potential buyers.
4.    You can even consider advertising through Facebook.
5.    You should always keep your business profile professional but adding some personal touches will give it personality.

As you can see, Twitter and Facebook provide you with some simple means of getting in touch with your prospects. Combining these social networking tools with your website, blog and other online resources will help you to quickly build some momentum that can eventually lead to increased sales.