Vacation Rentals For The Boating Enthusiast

Vacation Rentals For The Boating Enthusiast

A boat can be a great place for a vacation. Floating on the ocean with no care in the world breeze running through your hair …Ah! What an experience that is. But of course for many of us who cannot afford a boat (and let’s face it that includes almost all of us who aren’t related to the Hiltons or Fords) there is little hope of such a holiday right? Wrong! Even if you do not have the sort of money buying (and maintaining) a boat might need you can still enjoy a vacation on a boat by simply renting one!

That’s right, boat renting is becoming increasingly popular amongst those sailing enthusiasts who simply don’t want to get into the sort of commitment buying a boat inflicts on people. These individuals feel that purchasing a boat would be a fruitless investment since they get very little time to sail! Instead they simply choose to rent a boat. Rented boats allow the fun of sailing without troubling you with the financial hassles of a self-owned boat.

Given the growing demand a number of companies and even some boat-owners have started renting their boats out to people. You may rent a boat for an evening or a whole day or even a month depending on how you intend to use it. Boats can be rented for a range of time-periods and at a large variety of costs.    

If you are looking to have a fun afternoon paddling with your children or even that special someone on your local park pool you can rent a boat just for that purpose. A number of paddleboats are available for rent on various park pools; these usually cost a very meager fee.

But in case your tastes are slightly more extravagant and your plans a little more long-term then you can rent boats with Bait wells, GPS’ and hp motors for a decent sum of money. Most such boats can be rented at $300 for half a day. A full day or more of a boat ride obviously costs much more. Costs do not include gas and oil, which you are expected to pay for separately. If you aren’t particularly efficient at the wheels rent a captain along with the boat for an extra sum. Most companies lending such large boats insist on placing a hold of about $500 on your credit card as a sort of ‘safety deposit’. This holding is obviously released immediately after the boat has been returned.

Almost all companies hold you responsible for the boat while it is in your possession. So, in case the boat suffers a damage of some kind in your hands you will have to pay for it. A number of people who rent boats (and also choose to drive it) end up getting caught in the current and hitting something, many others smash into the dock while returning the boat. While all these accidents sound unlikely if unfortunate they have been known to happen frequently and in case you are renting a boat you’d be best advised to stay alert and avoid such mistakes.

Rent a boat and enjoy the waters, with your family your loved ones or even by yourself. It will surely be a trip you will never forget.