Visiting Amsterdam On A Rainy Day

Visiting Amsterdam On A Rainy Day

People who think rain can spoil their whole Amsterdam vacation are now in for a surprise. We agree that the unpredictable weather of Amsterdam can ruin your whole itinerary, but why to repent, when you can’t stop the rain? Instead, wouldn’t it be better to utilize the rainy day to indulge in some activities that you might not have thought to enjoy in Amsterdam. Come on and have a look at what all you can do and enjoy when it is raining in Amsterdam.

Go for movies

How about a movie to make full use of a rainy day in Amsterdam? Sounds interesting, isn’t? So, go for it in the city’s various appealing cinema halls. Some of the oldest cinema halls operating in Amsterdam have been in business for over ninety years and are known for their old world charm. Feel free to relish some delicacies during the intermission while watching movies in Amsterdam cinema halls.

Special Theaters

Apart from movies, you can also go to special theaters on a rainy Amsterdam day. Visit Tuschinski, an original auditorium with a chic look that is used for performing plays since 1920s. You can also visit Het Ketelhuis, an art-house famous for screening documentaries and cultural movies.

Shelter at a Café

Having a cup of tea or coffee is a great idea when it is raining in Amsterdam. You won’t even feel how you ended up spending hours sitting at cafes like Brown Cafe and Eetcafe in Amsterdam when it is raining outside. Choose to go to a covered café terrace to enjoy the light downpour in this beautiful city.

Shop Tactfully

Shoppers can use a rainy day for their advantage by shopping tactfully in Amsterdam. It’s true that people hardly want to try out a new dress on a rainy day, but you can try exploring some really cool shopping deals on a rainy day at places like Magna Plaza and stores like Mango and Laundry Industry.

Visit Museums

Make the most of a rainy day in Amsterdam by visiting some less popular museums. Jewish Historical Museum and Dutch Resistance Museum are some of the museums you can visit when it is raining in Amsterdam, as both these are situated in secluded and less crowded places. You can also visit Artis Historical Zoo on a rainy day, as at that time you can avoid the crowd.

TunFun Indoor Playground

Be it a kid or an adult, anybody can enjoy a rainy day excursion to the amazing TunFun Indoor Playground in Amsterdam. Children of all ages would simply love crawling and playing on the various slides of this playground. On the other hand, lovers can have a romantic time amidst the serene nature. The main highlight of this venue is its children’s disco.

So, now you know that you need not be disappointed seeing the rain in Amsterdam. You can try a lot of things from seeing movies to plays, from visiting playgrounds to cafes, from shopping to sightseeing, on a beautiful rainy day in Amsterdam. However, make sure to carry your umbrella and a raincoat while trying any of these activities on a rainy day in Amsterdam.