Wannabe a Tae Kwon Do Blue Belt

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There are different types of tae kwon doo belts and before you reach the highest, you will have to undergo different forms and other belts. Before you learn the forms to be a blue belt, you need to learn Kibons. This is designed to be a warm up exercise that makes use of some techniques that come out of the forms, which is also called the poomsae.

There are actually six different Kibbons overall, and each of them are learned and mastered at different ranks. If you want to master blue belt, you need to learn all six Kibbons. You need to get familiarized with it so that you will be promoted as a blue belter.

In addition, when you have already reached the rank of a yellow belt, you will be able to learn the first form of the pattern. Every student learn a lot in the different ranks that they undergo. They need it to become a blue belt. The Kykkiwon system teaches the students Tae Guk System.

The Tae Guk System is very popular and common because the movements look into the goals and the philosophy of the Kukkiwon. This is centered in the methods knows as the modern methods of training and sparring rules.

Students taking tae kwon do blue belt sometimes ask about the nature of the forms. Forms are the integral part of martial art because they are thought of as the art aspect.

The tae kwon do blue belt represents the color of youth, grown and ambition of a student. This also means that the seedling is reaching for the blue sky. It signifies that the blue sky as the plant will continue to grow and reach it. If a student is a tae kwon do blue belt, his rank will go higher just like the plant. Their growth combines and matches with each other.

The light feeds the plant so that it will be able to grow up. The same is for a tae kwon do blue belt student as he is nourished with knowledge and wisdom for the mind to develop and continue learning.

If you want to be like your master, you need to take the steps and training seriously. You need to have good balance, breathing, stances power and the control to your mind and body. These are the key factors to perform the take won do blue belt training properly.

You need to get a focus and concentration so you can execute the exercises confidently. You can master tae kwon do blue belt by repeating the practices and you need to have particular emphasis on the technical details of the movement. You also need to understand the importance of every technique and why it is being used. If you have mastered all the techniques, you will never have a difficulty in the next training and the next level of the martial art.

You need to keep your mind away from being boring because you will not be able to make it through properly. Always think positive and always be positive in learning. If you get bored too soon, tae kwon do blue belt may not be just right for you. Keep in mind that practice does not make it perfect. What makes it perfect is perfect practice, which is done all over and over again.