What Can Go Wrong With Twitter

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In today’s world of multilevel marketing and web based advertisements, Internet based marketing campaigns and products are selling like hot cakes. Everyone from the automotive majors to your friendly neighborhood grocery store is using internet to increase their profits. Well, if everyone is doing it, why should you be behind! After continuous searching on the internet, you’ve found a microblogging platform called Twitter that is called a free and efficient way of marketing your products on the internet. Now that you have chosen your internet marketing platform, you want to be ready for your trip to Twitter land. Read on to find some important to follow dos and don’ts while promoting your products on Twitter.

Marketing on social networking depends to a large extent on the conversions that happen from the social networking websites. If explained without any technical jargon, conversion is related to the number of tweets (messages in Twitter) that are converted to actual visitors or interested customers of your product. Being the driving force behind any internet marketing campaign, every internet marketer wants to achieve maximum conversion from his/her internet based campaign.

Although generating web traffic or conversion from web marketing campaigns is very effective with Twitter, it is certainly not easier. As Twitter allows tweets of only 140 words, it becomes very difficult to make a web based campaign targeted for use with it. For use with micro blogging platforms like Twitter, businesses have to tweet messages that are easy to understand and also capable of attracting the Twitter community to the marketing campaign. Follow the guidelines below to promote your business at Twitter:

Don’t be Funny – It is a common mistake by companies to show through their tweets or profile that they are funny. While being a ‘cool place to work’ is something desired by any HR head, you are not on Twitter for hiring people! Here, looking professional and forward looking is the key.

Link to The Website – Many businesses give their website link on their profile. Although this may be useable for your clients, this is not something you would like your customers to visit. Instead of website links of your company, try having websites or WebPages that are based on products that you are promoting on Twitter.

Think About Others – No one is interested in your product for nothing! Show them you care and you will receive their interest in your product. It is a common practice of companies using Twitter to make everything about their company, from tweets of their company to updates and news about their company. Although it is nice that your company has appointed a finance manager, this information is better kept for shareholders than your customers.

Build a Community – If you want to promote your business through Twitter, instead of tweeting about your product every day, try to build a community of people who are interested in your product. Users can accomplish this by providing informative messages and links to information that is useable to others.