Why Women Find Aikido Easier To Learn

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Women are these days more determined to learn some or the other form of self-defense and one such martial art form they can look forward to is Aikido. Though founded by a man and mainly tailored for men, this art is now being learnt and taught by women too. Read on to know why women find it easier to learn Aikido and are in fact at times are better than men in this martial art.

Women Are Better Than Men

Unlike the common assumption that men are stronger and better than women in various defense arts, Aikido has something different to show. You will be surprised to know that in fact women are better than men in Aikido martial art.

  • * Women are shorter than men on an average and therefore have a lower centre of gravity, which makes them far better than men in Aikido than the males.
  • * Women try to grab more opportunities to know about the history and philosophy behind Aikido then men.
  • * Women are faster in picking up things and new opportunities while practicing Aikido.
  • * Unlike men who are rigid and very jerky in their Aikido movements, women are gentle yet effective.
  • * Since Aikido‚Äôs peaceful nature resembles the nurturing characteristics of women, women tend to gain more out of it than men.

Opportunities Used By Women

Unlike men, women who are generally of shorter body frame can use a number of opportunities better than men in Aikido. Read the following opportunities or tricks used by women Aikido practitioners.

  • * Women are more gentle in raising their arms above their heads to gain more momentum.
  • * Women are more efficient in using their neck muscles to hold their heads inches away from the cool or a hard surface.
  • * Women who try to show themselves ready for the fight are often taken less as a target by the opponent in Aikido than those who look weak and not ready.

Aikido Is About Posture

Lastly, remember that Aikido is not an art meant for men only or women only. It is a martial art about movement and the right posture. Anyone, be it a man or a woman who has got a right movement at the right time can excel in learning as well as practicing Aikido. In other words, being a man or woman hardly matters when it comes to learning Aikido.

Why Women Are Learning Aikido

Now, let us examine why are women these days are keen in learning Aikido. As mentioned earlier, women now want to learn some sort of self-defense in this world full of dangers. Daily we get to read about some violent crime happening in the world and the easiest targets are women. Perhaps, this is the main reason why women are keen in learning this martial art for self-defense in their daily life.