Wood Deck Railings Make A Fashion Statement

Wood Deck Railings Make A Fashion Statement

A deck either in your backyard or at the side is a great idea for you to enjoy your outdoors. Some time back patios and decks used to conjure up some very standard, at times boring images of cement-concrete or wood, but with changing times, things have really changed now. There are an amazing variety of materials and accessories available and these will allow you to design and furnish your deck the same way you would undertake any other room.

When you are designing your deck and trying to select a deck rail style, you have to carefully ensure that there is continuity between the main house and the deck. Choose the style and materials that have been used in building your home. It is better that you put in rails on the deck especially if your deck is more than 30 inches above ground. Even if it is less, it makes more sense to have a rail to prevent any accidents in the dark, like a friend or relative taking a tumble over the deck.

Once you have decided on the design of your deck and that you certainly need a deck rail, we need to choose the type of rail you would like for your deck. While there are rails made of newer material like tempered glass, acrylic or steel cables, the popular choice is always the classy wood deck railing.

Though wood deck railings have been around for a while, that in no way means they are dull or boring. Along with the growth in diversity of patio and deck styles, wood deck railings too underwent many design changes to fit in with new, modern ideas.

If you home is fairly old and has a history to it, then you could consider railings in the form of slats that will have cut outs so as to complement the rafter tails of the roof. Ethnic looking homes, which have a touch of the Asian or the Mediterranean to them, could have delicate designs on their balusters, something similar to Chinese ornamentation. You could use finely created finials or gingerbread, even latticework on the railings to create an out of the world look for your deck.

Wood deck railings are also popular because they are durable. You could go in for pressure treated wood which can resist termites and decay at the same time being extremely environmental friendly. Else you could try cedar, which is also very durable, extremely lightweight, and it has a wonderful natural look to it. Either one of these can be very easily structured and designed to build a rail that blends subtly with the look of the house and yet will have a distinct panache of its own.

Wood deck railings also require very little maintenance. All that you need to do to make sure that there is very little warping, splitting or any other weather related problems in the wood deck railing and to regularly apply either a water repellant or any type of water repelling stain on the railing.

Thus using a wood deck railing will help you build an attractive, natural-looking deck that lasts.