7 Best Car Games

Road trips can start getting a bit dull if you run out of conversation and things to keep you occupied. What are the options? Start another topic before you reach the awkward silence phase again, and this will keep happening where the conversation gets thinner and the silence gets longer. Or you could choose to listen to the same music CD over and over again till you get bugged and irritate everyone around you as well.

However, with a little tact and a whole lot of imagination, you can always make way for a great game that you and all the other passengers can play. These games always bring out the humor in everybody and make for great memories. Here is a list of seven best car games that you can play.

Spy: This is a game that you might have played in your childhood. All you need to do is make someone announce something they have seen and make sure that they don’t spill it out while the rest of the passengers try to guess it by asking questions and getting clues. Simply put, spot for something that you see, like say a yellow hat and you announce “I spot something yellow”, now the others keep asking questions which you can choose to answer and wait till someone guesses it right. The right answer wins the spy-turn. This game can usually be turned around in your favor by being a bit more observant of the surrounding and is mostly goes in the favor of the driver.

20 Questions: This is another old game which involves one individual coming up with the name of a celebrity or a prominent figure, destination or thing and keeping it in memory while the others try to guess it through the clues they get by asking only 20 questions. The individual answers in monosyllables like yes or no. The right guess would win the person the think-turn.

Whistling Game:
This is a game where you have to whistle a particular tune, and the others have to try and guess the song which matches the tune. Whoever guesses right goes next and three right guesses in a sequences wins the game.

Radio Game: Scan through the radio frequency and let it stop randomly, the first person to guess the song or the artist wins.

Memory Game:
One person has to make up a sentence consisting a few words, the next person has to repeat the sentence and add another and the game carries on with each individual reciting the list and adding a sentence till someone makes a mistakes or forgets.

Country Game:
One person starts naming a particular country; the next has to think up another country that starts with last letter of the recited country and so on. The game carries on till you cannot think of anymore. No repetitions.

Math Game: Everybody takes turn in stating numbers in corresponding order through turns, except that a the multiples of a particular digit and any number which ends with the number is to be avoid where the person on whom the multiple falls has to remain silent and the player sitting next has to instantly realize and keep the order. For instance, If the digit chosen is 7; a person speaks out 1, the next 2, the other person 3 and so on and forth till the person reaches 7, 14, 17 or 21 where the individual remains silent and the next one has to carry the order. In this case who ever lands on 7 remains silent and the next person bucks up with 8 and so on.

The tricky part is 27 and 28 fall side by side and hence two turns have to be skipped and more often than not the person who is to speak up gets confused and loses. Whoever makes a mistake by forgetting to stay silent upon the multiple or if someone who goes next fails to speak the number, he is left out of the next game. It goes on till only one remains and is proclaimed the winner.